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    10m N Ambershaper

    Curious as to what specs you guys are running for this boss?

    Tried assassination / anticipation but felt like there was just too much target switching and a lot of cleave opportunities ( construct, boss, amber adds - yes they aoe dmg and heal each other when dead but our healers are serious boss)

    Went combat / Versatility.

    Logs show assassination slightly ahead but wanted some general forum feedback.

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    I went Combat/Versatility for the first kill, then Combat/Anticipation after.

    The key (either way) is turning off Blade Flurry whenever you're cleaving from Monstrosity (the big Amber guy, not the small ones) to the boss. Don't be dumb and do bad damage on two targets.
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    Combat with anticipation felt like the best for me. Depends on your raid makeup though. Our DPS was good enough that I could just cleave from the boss/monstrosity onto the constructs and not have to switch targets very often. (I would sometimes end up cleaving an amber add instead of the construct, but the dps was good enough to make up for it, but I could see where it could be an issue). Also, I'm assuming the higher DPS assassination logs are probably in groups where they were allowed to just stay on the boss the entire time and didn't have to help DPS down any constructs.

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    I did, yesterday, Combat/Anticipation, cleaving boss + construct, turning off when have no more constructs, and then monstrosity + construct.

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    Combat/Anticipation here. I begin on the boss, I switch to the adds rarely (if I see one attacking a healer), but mostly I sit on an amber construct and cleave the boss in P1, or sit on the boss with no flurry.

    P2 I spend a lot of time on an amber construct cleaving into the monstrosity, but as was stated be careful the boss isn't getting your flurry hits. I also did some swapping to the little adds, and usually saved spree for them when I would see them alone. I found that I was an idea character to kill them because I could have feint up when they died, essentially meaning that their blast did nothing, but MOST of my time was spent near the monstrosity, either on it, or on the construct.

    Right at the start of P3 I had all cooldowns come back, and turned them all on, and pressed sinister strike and THAT VERY GLOBAL got transformed. Punk ass boss is punk ass.

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