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    eternally in the vale achievement bugged

    I just wanted to post this since I saw a lot of people having issues with reporting this achievement saying that gm say that they cant grant achievement completion in game. I do understand that and I am ok with it but looking at forums and seeing other people replies of this achievement in wowhead and wow armory forums, it seems that no gm has confirm this achievement as bugged and that a fix should come soon. Does someone else got a respond as this being logged to be fixed on 5.1 release patch?

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    It's actually in the first comment:

    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support. I hope this email finds you well! Firstly allow me to appologise for the delay in getting back to you, and now onto your issue.

    Due to the nature in which this achievment is check it will require a development level fix, we can grant it to players however it will automatically be lost upon next login due to how it is checked, hopefully we will have a fix coming for it soon but for now rest assured we are aware of it and we are pestering someone to get it fixed

    Kind Regards

    Blizzard Entertainment
    Customer Services EN

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