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    For Gemming, What increases POISON damage more? Mastery vs. Agiltiy

    I'm playing assassination (obviously), and i was just wondering which stat would increases poison damage more (Envenom, Deadly poison, venomous wounds).

    I'm not talking about white hits, mutilate, or rupture damage because i know agility increases those.

    JUST for poison damage/attacks would 160 agi >=< 320 mastery? or 80 agi >=< 160 mastery or would 80 agi + 160 mastery do the trick.

    Remember its JUST for increasing the damage of poisoning moves. I hope this makes sense cause its really driving me nuts.

    PvP and PvE purposes.

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    According to the math, agi gems are about 5-10% better than mastery gems.

    Agi affects physical damage/dispatch/mut/rupture while mastery affects purely poisons. With that in mind, mastery does a lot more for powering up poison damage than agi(assuming equal stat budget).

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    for pvp purposes u chose PVP power gems for pve u get agi+ mastery in yellow sockets agi in the reds

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    Mastery boosts poisoning moves more than agility does but agility provides more dps overall than mastery will. For pvp you should always want PvP Power. Kezuma already mentioned how to manage your sockets.

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