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    So,guise,Guild Wars 2 -vs- WoW?

    Hello guys,i've been around this site for years now, and i can say the same about WoW, playing since near-end vanilla,now, about my problem,as you can clearly undestand from the title i really can't decide 1 thing, abandon WoW for Guild Wars 2;but let me explain, i palyed dear old wow for years, farmed achievements and mounts, pets and titles, passed times of hardcore raiding and times of long farming, chatted, befriended, and everything, i think the same experience that a lot of you readers had experienced,now in 8 years i've changed style of life too, got a job and a very little time compared to few years ago during wotlk or even cata, and i feel useless log in my usual 2 hours at night just to do few dailies or a raid finder, since i would never be able to follow and acquire all the content/mounts/reps/titles/achivements, i've tried Gw2 , its all another kind of game, with different graphics, gamestyle, achievements etc etc, im a bit tempted to totally switch to it, even thinking that more or less all the work that i would spend to continue farm achiv titles etc on my char on wow would be wasted in a few years since wow could have i think just another expansion , inb4 apologies for my nauseous english, i hope to have explained myself, thanks in advance fellow gamers.

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    I think Guild wars 2 is the better game. I love everything in Guild wars 2 except the boss fights. Guild wars 2 is just amazing... but i play World of Warcraft instead. There are loads of people like me who can't quit even though we are sick of WoW.

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    1. if you want people to actually READ your post, you should get it into a format where reading actually is not a pain.
    Structure your text, make use of the "ENTER" key and if you feel really good you may hit "TAB" as well once or twice.

    2. Choose a title that fits you question. "should i do wow or GW2". you actual title doomed the thread right away as it will result in game and brand bashing sooner or later.

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    I don't think that game vs game is allowed here.

    Also format of original post makes it very hard to read, and OP's avatar is obscene, sorry >.<

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    Closing this, we don't allow game vs game threads as unfortunately it tends towards game bashing and flaming. We have an active GW2 section which you are more than welcome to browse and post in if you're interested in that game.

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