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    top 1 cyclone europe

    Heya. Look this armory. This guy and hes team got 2800+ rating with so much loses and hes step into arena some days ago.

    mb its just an alt, but he and hes friends dosent have good gear. Maybe he got 3k MMR but he lost much time, shouldnt he go down with MMR and rating when he lost?

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    MMR exploit and win tading probably, against mutiple teams.

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    Try checking out ''that forum''. It's everywhere.

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    dat rating /10char

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    MMR exploit and wintrading, Blizz should fix it soon.

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    The way they fixed rbg exploiters last season?

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    yeah i like how he has played a total of 88 games played, and also less than 5000 conquest pts and has achiv for 2700

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    Ahahahah, this is getting interesting. W/L worthy of rank 1.

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    Are you sure he's not just fucking amazing?

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    Blizzard can't come and delete THIS thread woot!

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    lol pvp in this game
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verain View Post
    Blizzard can't come and delete THIS thread woot!

    Firmly in my domain.

    /maniacal laughter

    @OP - obviously mmr exploiting, she'll get banned (possibly only for 72 hours unfortunately), her achievements will get removed, her team will get deleted - and presumably the MMR exploit will get fixed. Its not as harsh as I'd like it to be, but it obviously won't be left to continue.

    The problem now is that all the legit teams that queued into exploiters got massive MMR boosts as well because the exploiters are just /afk'ing out of the arena when they face a real team (hence the 36 losses).
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