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    Are trinkets upgradable?

    Does anyone know how proc/on use trinkets will be affected once the Justice/Valor point upgrade goes live?

    Will just the static stat get an upgrade or does the trigger effect also get increased?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kioga View Post
    PS: I saw all DMF trinkets are getting nerfed. It's a sad day indeed.
    They're not. That was from a data-mine, and it related to how DMF trinkets scale in challenge modes. No nerf.

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    As far as I know (if you have an alchemist) the zen alchemist stone is upgrading from 450-458. I'm sorry I can't clip a link (spent an hour trying to find it when it mysteriously left mmo). According to the PTR wow db:



    its a small upgrade. Other than that, I don't think there is alot of trinket upgrades at the moment.

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    I bet you can use the mined data for the challenge mode ilevel nerfs to figure out how an ilevel increase the other way will go. 11 ilevel decrease equaled a 345 decrease in the proc, so an 8 ilevel increase will probably be 250 increase to the proc.

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