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    <Sublime> Silvermoon EU! 25 Man (4Days/Week). 6/6 MSV HC, 5/6 HoF HC

    <Sublime> is looking for additional experienced and skilled players to progress through current and future content!
    Check further for the classes we are recruiting.

    ► Guild: Sublime @ www.sublime-guild.net, a 4 day 25man raiding guild.
    ► Realm: Silvermoon (EU-PvE).
    ► Faction: Alliance.
    ► Language: English.
    ► Battlegroup: Cyclone.
    ► Ex-Realms: Magtheridon, Grim Batol, Haomarush.

    ► Sublime in a nutshell:
    A well organised guild that has been around for over 6 and a half years. Raiding 4 days a week and doesn't push raidhours too hard.
    We want to compete with the best guilds in the world while having fun and enough time for other things in life.

    ► Currently progressing on:
    All content cleared, bring on the pandas!

    ► Previous achievements:
    On Magtheridon:
    9/12 in vanilla Naxxramas.
    Killed M'uru pre-nerf.
    On Haomarush:
    Realm First! Fall of the Lich King! / Halion Hard.
    Realm First! Nefarian.
    Realm First! Al'Akir.
    Realm First! Lady Sinestra.

    ►► Recruitment Status:
    Death Knight - Open◄ (Dps High)
    Druid - Open ◄ (All Specs High)
    Hunter - Open ◄ (High)
    Monk - Open ◄(High) (Mistweaver)
    Mages - Open◄ (High)
    Paladin - Open ◄(All specs high)
    Priest - Open ◄ (High)
    Rogue - Open ◄(High)
    Shaman - Open◄(All specs high)
    Warlock - Open ◄(High)
    Warrior - Open ◄ (High)
    Please note that we are NOT recruiting for extra standby's, we will need you to cover a fulltime raidspot. Also, even if the recruitment isn't open for your class we are always looking for exceptional applicants!

    ► Why Sublime?
    6 and a half years of experience, raiding since January 2006!
    Steady progress.
    Officers are equal to members.
    Permanent guildbank support.
    Fun and effective raids, 4 nights a week.
    Home-made DKP system, that is fair to everyone. Immune to favouritism.

    ► Requirements:
    You are dedicated, skilled and most importantly responsive and aware.
    Gearwise you are ready to make your way trough the content we are currently progressing on.
    You know your class, from the inside out and you have knowledge of game mechanics.
    You are a quick learner.
    You prepare yourself for every boss we are doing. We don't want to waste time on avoidable mistakes.
    Your gear is max. gemmed and enchanted for PVE purposes.
    You have the best professions available for your PVE character. That means in most cases no gathering proffs.
    You enter raids with a bunch of flasks, pots and food in your bags.
    You can attend ALL of our 4 raiddays.
    You can handle extremely bad and lame jokes, seriously..

    Don't let this list of requirements scare you off too much! We are a very friendly bunch. If your comfortable about your skills, there is no reason to be scared!

    ► Raiding Schedule:
    Wednesday: 19.00 - 23.00
    Thursday: 19.00 - 23.00
    Sunday: 19.00 - 23.00
    Monday: 19.00 - 23.00

    We only raid 4 nights a week, meaning we offer alot of room for real-life, next to being in a steady progressing guild.
    In many situations we aren't using all these days because of the lack of content, but normally the schedule will be like this.
    Make sure you can attend all of these though! We like to keep our roster small, so attendance is very important to us.

    You think you are the exceptional player we are looking for? Post or send an application on our forums.
    For more info and a link to our forums, check our website!

    ► Check Sublime on YouTube!


    Website: http://sublime-guild.net/

    Thanks for showing interest and we hope to see you soon!
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    Will of the Emperor heroic downed. Recruitment up to date on our website: http://sublime-guild.net/

    Elegon video up as well on our youtube page
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    Bump for exceptional applicants. Recruitment up to date on our website: http://sublime-guild.net/

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    Bump for exceptional applicants. Recruitment updated.

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    Blade Lord Ta'yak Heroic down

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    Garalon Heroic down

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    Wind Lord Heroic down.

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    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Heroic down.

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    Amber-Shaper Un'sok Heroic down.

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