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  • Combat: Keep default attack.

    2 3.23%
  • Combat: Most used damaging skill.

    31 50.00%
  • Combat: Other non-damaging skill.

    22 35.48%
  • Utility: Mount.

    0 0%
  • Other.

    13 20.97%
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    Question Random question... what do you do with the 1 key slot?

    I just saw a picture of some random poster's UI, and he had the default attack button in the first slot. Which always confuses me. Very early into my WoW career (I say career because I spent way too much time playing it, and wish I got paid for it) I started taking out that button and putting in, for the most part, my most used skills.
    Death Knight: Death Grip. I had it in slot 1 when I was leveling and it just stuck. Yes, I've accidentally hit it while raiding, and that's why I move it to the slot right above it whenever in raids, but keep it in for dungeons in case I have to step up and oh shi- tank.
    Druid: Feral Form, then Mangle when in Feral Form.
    Rogue: Mutilate. Pretty self-explanatory.
    Mage: Arcane Blast. See above.
    Shaman: Lightning Bolt. ^
    Hunter: Steady Shot. ^^
    Paladin: Hammer of the Righteous. ^^^
    Priest: Penance. ^^^^
    Warrior: Mortal Strike. ^^^^^
    Warlock: Incinerate. ^^^^^^
    Monk: Jab. <(^.^<) (sorry, had to do it)

    So... what do you guys do with it?

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    I usually have something I use a lot but that's not an attack on it, since I have a hardish time reaching the one button (it's not a matter of having small fingers, my brain is just more used to reach 2)

    so on my lock I use curse of the elements, on my monk I use roll, et cetera.
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    paladin: crusader strike
    hunter: pet macro
    warrior: bloodthirst

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    I configure my buttons in the order that I should use them in my rotation (sometimes including doubles, but usually not). Since I'm a clicker, it works fine
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    Flame Shock on my Shaman.
    Starfire on my Druid.
    Fireball on my Mage.
    Shield Slam on my Warrior.
    Mutilate on my Rogue.

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    If I'm tanking or dps, then 1 is always an essential damage ability, but my main is a resto shaman and 1 is Ancestral Swiftness.

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    I see the trend seems to be similar to me. Most of the time, the skill I put in slot 1 tends to be my most used one, and also the beginning of a rotation. My rogue: Mutilate 1, Envenom 2. Mage: Arcane Charge 1, Arcane Blast 2. I like simple rotations~

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    Unleash Elements.
    Troll's Life Mon.

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    Frost Strike/Rune strike/Death Coil on my dk
    Holy Shock/crusader strike on my paladin
    Mangle/Starsurge on my druid
    Overpower/Bloodthirst/devastate on my warr
    Backstab/Mutilate/Sinister strike on my rogue
    Arcane Shot/Chimaera Shot/explosive Shot on my hunter
    Arcane Barrage/fireball/Frost Bolt on my mage
    Jab on my monk
    Shadow word:Pain/Flash Heal on my priest
    Haunt/Shadow bolt/chaos bolt on my warlock
    Stormstrike/Lightning bolt on my shaman

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    I tend to put on 1 abilities I don't spam, like Drain Soul as Affli or Meta as Demo

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    The fist question i have is "what 1?".

    You can have different keybinds on the numeric pad "1" and the regular "1" (as i have)

    For the regular "1" in all chars:

    Damage cooldowns + trinkets macro

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    Usually some sort of 30 sec CD skill that I may use actively such as HoJ.
    I use a Logitech G600 and I bind my main skills to that.

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    since i always put my filler on 2, 1 is usually saved for something usually with a CD or not used a hell of a lot but needed on demand, like Elemental blast for my ele sham, chaos bolt for my lock, colossus smash for my war, ect. ect.
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    Either my opening attack, or the main builder/spam-thingy. Jab on Monk, Cobra/Steady on hunter, SS/Mut/wutevvah on Rogue etc..
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    On my hunter I actually have 3 as my auto shoot ability.
    And 1 is my hunters mark.
    And my 3 most used abilities (Explosive, cobra and arcane) are 9, 8 and 7.

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    Interrupt/Silence on all my characters

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    Mine is Vampiric Embrace. It is actually a throw back to BC when I first began playing my Shadow priest; at the time, Vampiric Embrace was a 30s debuff you had to place on your target, so it was always the first thing I casted. I just never moved it when it became a buff because I'm lazy.

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    I usually use it for some sort of 'opening' ability, something to start combat with. Not that I always start every fight with this button (you'll see why below, a lot of the time it wouldn't make sense) but they share the theme of 'openers'.

    Monk: Roll
    Death Knight: Death Grip
    Hunter: Hunter's Mark/Pet attack macro
    Warrior: Charge
    Paladin: Judgement
    Druid: Faerie Fire

    Those are the ones I can remember. I think my Rogue has mutilate on button 1? Not sure tho.

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    Currently, (as of Wrath actually) I've always had a self-heal attack or cooldown in that slot; Death Strike, Recuperate, Victory Rush... since I play Melee mainly. This leaves the quick heal close, but not where i can accidently hit it from "W". I do this because i re-bind "-" & "+" to be "Q" & "E" for my main attack and filler respectively. keeps em close for constantly dodging fire and stomps during boss fights, and then Ctrl+ Q/E on 9&0 for interrupts and executes. Back in Vanilla while raiding MC/Onyixa, I did have my auto-attack button still at the "1" key so I could stop attacking immediately when the raid leader called for it, to allow for off-tank to build threat is what i mainly remember. Happened so much i couldnt rely on vanish or fient alone.
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