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    Garalon 25hc - First Pheromonetarget

    We currently have problems right at the beginning of the encounter. It seems that the first pheromones target a random player and not the tank who is pulling the boss. The only solution for us was to wait 3-4 seconds after the pull before any raidmember except the tank enters combat. But den Enragetimer is quite hard and we need those 3-4 extraseconds to kill the boss. Does anyone know if it is possible to control who is getting the first pheromones?

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    The one who is closest to the boss at the pull gets it. Make sure your tank has the pheromones before anybody rushes to the legs.

    We have our mage pull with whatever big fat cast a mage casts when he's allowed to pull. The tank just stands closer to the boss than the rest of the raid, and then everything is fine and our tank begins to kite.

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