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    I've been using IceHUD for ages, tried DKIRunes/Diseases a few weeks ago and didn't like them so sticking with IceHUD, I found the disease monitoring almost worthless since they get renewed with the Blood Boil proc. For cooldowns, I just use a custom action bar to display those, nothing fancy. Also not sure if I should get an absorb tracker, I'm not sure if it provides any actionable info, since I don't have issues with Death Striking anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enosh View Post
    what I use atm

    I have the bar with my CDs hidden and use tell me when to display when something is on CD so with a quick glance I can see what is up and what isn't
    How do you get the damage done on one side and damage received + healing on the other? It's probably an add-on?

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    i personally like the standard blizzard action bar and than i use x-perl unit frames because they have a nice rune bar and quartz for my casting bar. also i have mikScrollingBattleText which show the damage taken and done around my toon.

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