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    Resto Druid help improving.

    Hey druid forumers,

    I recently swap over to my resto druid because a healer was needed over another melee. I have healed on this druid before but it was during the last few weeks of BWD/To4W (cata days).

    Recently I feel my output isn't as effective as the other healers.

    Our raid setup composes of a
    prot paladin/blood dk
    2/3 melee *warrior/rogue sometimes monk*
    2/3healers *holy paladin/resto druid/sometimes holy paladin or monk
    the rest is range mage/spriest/lock

    my armory

    The most recent log that is available

    I believe last raid wasn't log and that was where I just got stomped on. I was doing a little less than 2/3 of our main holy paladin and slightly behind the 2nd paladin tonight.

    I understand that I shouldn't be topping healing meters but I want to perform better as I am usually oom way before our other healers.
    I run innervate glyph because it was requested I do so.

    I try to keep swiftmend off cd and life bloom up as much as possible
    Is there anyway I can improve on? I usually save cds for moments that it is needed such as tranq or massive aoe damage. Should I be using it more frequently?
    I swapped over from a holy paladin so I am not comletely lost in the healing world.

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    Well, what stands out most to me right now is your Harmony uptime @ ~76%. You should be making use of every clearcast with a direct heal (typically regrowth).

    The person who requested that you glyph for innervate- tell them they can go screw themselves, all healers have their own mana CD. Use glyph of regrowth.

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    I honestly don't see why you would glyph for regrowth unless there is a reason to remove the hot it gives since it has 60% crit?

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    In the log you linked, the HoT portion of your Regrowth was less than 1% of your overall heals. As the previous post suggested, both Swiftmend and Regrowth can be used to help with the Harmony upkeep. In addition, with the HoT portion of Regrowth contributing so little, it would be more efficient to have the 100% crit chance, as it looks as though you use the heal as an "oh sh!t" button anyways.

    Not that Regrowth is necessary to glyph either - if you are using Swiftmend on CD, your Harmony should be at 100%, which will be a significant increase to your throughput.
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    The main issue that strikes me immediately is that you are over healing too much, try to ease up on HoT application, only heal what is necessary and allow your Wild Growth and Swiftmend/Efflo to do the work. Also your Rejuv usage is very high, especially for a 10man where Wild Growth covers more than half the raid, try tone back the Rejuv application unless it is absolutely necessary - Rejuv uses a huge amount of mana if you're putting it up on multiple players consistently. As the other posters mentioned, work on Harmony up time too, also your Healing Touch usage is extremely high.

    Mushrooms are worth using too for efficient healing if you are having issues with mana. The biggest thing you can do to improve overall HPS is to choose the right heal for the right situation. Typical breakdown depending on the amount of damage being pushed out for any given fight should generally be - Wild Growth > Rejuv > Swiftmend.

    Also drop Healing Touch glyph and Regrowth glyph, pick up Wild Growth and either Rejuv (what I use), Stamp Roar (range increase one) or Battle Res.

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    okay thanks for the inputs.

    But in a general case, I should learn to keep harmony up via regrowth/healing touch/swiftmend. I did not know shrooms healed, guess I can use that whenever I have a little bit of down time and know we may be stacking.

    Is nourish worth casting anymore?
    I guess jumping from a holy paladin who has instant heals to a HoT class might take a little bit of time to get use to.
    Another question, Should I use healing touch or regrowth more? For CC I usually hit regrowth. I was told to use healing touch as fillers over nourish and regrowth on CCasting.

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    Nourish doesn't consume CC. Nourish I personally still use out of habit, but since the buff to the durations of harmony it doesn't do much more than keeping LB up for me. On CC your most efficient option is mostly HT. The exception would be during ToL though where you just use Regrowth. As for innervate, you should always use in on yourself.
    Also remember that Tree of Life can be used as a throughput CD and/or as mana saving CD. LB spam with CC Regrowth (also refreshes the LB stacks) and 7 man WG makes for very steady and very mana efficient healing. Plan it's use ahead. Don't use it as an Oh S**t button. As for glyphs I personally don't take WG simply because of the increased CD and if it doesn't hit that extra person it's wasted, which in 10-man is more likely. I personally took RG because you aim to use SM on CD if possible and to optimize the use of efflorescence. While the instant heal could save someone, you need to have rejuv or a regrowth tick on them with the last being unlikely unless it's the tank and he should have rejuv on him anyway. Also the 100% crit makes it more useful in ToL. The HoT component itself was never worth it to begin with.
    I advise glyph of Rebirth btw, simply because it reduces the chance of instant death because of badly times rezzes.

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    use the 3 following glyphs: WG, LB, Regrowth (u MIGHT want to swith LB with Rej., but _only_ on 1 tank encounters)
    Nourish and HT is almost absoloutely useless (just macro NS+HT). If you have a CC procc, _only_ use regrowth. close to 100% Harmony uptime is essential, but as you should be using Swiftmend almost on CD, you shouldn't have any issues.
    Let your Rej tick, communicate with your fellow healer (i'd prefer pala) that group healing is your task almost exclusively. If there is nothing to heal, plant Mushrooms (do NOT spam Nourish, it's not worth it). Be aware of your WG target; make sure it hits all 6 targets.

    Here is my armory: eu.battle. net/ wow/de/character/blackrock/odd/advanced
    Some Logs:
    Wind Lord 10N: worldoflogs. com/ reports/rt-vk4w0oeh1a319xud/analyze/hd/source/?s=2278&e=2638
    Shek'zeer 10N: worldoflogs. com/ reports/rt-capdtam3qaisk7yn/analyze/hd/source/?s=10274&e=10833
    Un'sok 10N: worldoflogs. com/ reports/rt-pi4d64wju4j3t12f/analyze/hd/source/?s=5238&e=5703

    (remove spaces)

    Hope I could help a little

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    to OP: looking at your Wind Lord kill I can see you only pop'd tree of life once and ironbark twice. All of this on a 7.30 min long fight, even if mana was perfectly fine I'd still use tree of life on those bladestorm (whaetever that aoe phase is called) to help your other healers mana.

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    All the suggestions aside, if the other two healers are a monk and a holy pally, you will not be able to keep up with them. They both heal up from AoE spikes much more quickly than you do, making your dots turn to overheals as opposed to effective heals. The good news is you have a Monk and Holy Pally in your group. I'd worry less about keeping up with them and judge your effectiveness based on success rather than numbers.

    My suggestion would be to heal smartly, make sure you aren't burning mana with wasted hots and let the other two push out higher numbers than you. Hopefully your raid group is smart enough to understand why your numbers are a lower than theirs. I am the swing healer in my group, and we have a very good monk healer. I can't hope to come close to his throughput, so I focus doing my job in a mana efficient way so that if things go to crap I can push out a lot of healing in a short time frame. Depending on the fight, I actually save my CD's for emergency rather than blowing them just to pump my numbers. It hurts my logs, but helps my group, which should be the goal.
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    When two healing with a monk, I just switched to tank healing. My 55k to his 85k geez...
    I used WG to buy time for the monk's incoming uplift. I back off rejuving the raid but kept it on the tank.

    The monk was like, "LOL I don't tank heal so it is your job, druid".
    My response was /sigh

    Every uplift had me dying a little on the inside.

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