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    Not getting kicked off during maintanence till hours later.

    Has this happened to anyone else in the last couple of weeks?

    Both weeks the downtime was scheduled to begin at 5 and at that time others seem to be unable to login anymore. Tonight my second account couldn't even get it to accept my password - I just got the unable to to connect message - but characters that are online stay online. I was just finally DCd a few minutes ago (7ish) and the last time I had checked there were only seven horde players online on my server.

    So my tip, if you want to keep playing for a couple of extra hours - get logged on before 5 and don't log off! Not even sure if everyone else was booted or if I just DCd. I got the idea to go looking for the TLPD in Storm Peaks and I thought CRZ might have DCd me.

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    I dont think its a good thing for people playing during maintanence, its there for a reason
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    I try not to post anywhere anymore, due to fear of being infracted. Feels like there are too many mods that aren't screened well enough. "Dirty cops" if you will.

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    I dont think its a good thing for people playing during maintanence, its there for a reason
    Perhaps they are finally giving the Aussies (who get maint smack in the middle of primetime) a break. I dunno. Will be interesting to see if it happens again next week. I was pretty pleased to get Klaaxi and Shado Pan dailies done with virtually no one else in the zone, I can tell you. lol. Also, I killed about 10 rare spawns.

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    During maintenance times sometimes all that is needed is a server reset - that will only take a few minutes but Blizzard will specify a window of several hours when that reset can occur. If you are in the game world with a character you'll still be able to play during that window. If you're unable to log on it's probably because the login servers are in maintenance. As long as you are already logged in when the login servers are down, you'll still be able to play.

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