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    Elegon and statue bug (fix)

    So I couldn't find a thread on this, and I have never had it happen before, but on Elegon if your jade serpent statue is not working inside the circle...
    Jump as you are running into the bubble and place the statue down before you land.

    I had our raids "Dragon Borne" shammy help me out with this, as it's only been tonight it has happened.

    I hope this can help someone

    (edit) this doesn't work as when the fight starts the statue stops working....unless you put it right on the edge...it still only heals people when it feels like it. Not sure if thats just today. If anyone has any more information on this pls feel free to post
    Last edited by Solishe; 2012-11-13 at 10:22 PM. Reason: damn all the statues and elegon and everything being baaaad today !!

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