About Conundrum
Conundrum is a guild that started up only a few weeks ago and made fast progress clearing 6/6 MSV the first week of progress,we lost most of our core team to some drama (It's dealt with) and are looking to rebuild our core team back to what it was,We're a progression focused guild and are looking to be server top 5 10 man by tier 15,we understand real life has priority over a game however we ask you to show up to atleast 98% of our raids.

What we need

-Resto Sham/MW Monk

-Prot Warr/DK

-Spriest, Lock, Frost DK,Boomy

-Please be 478 ilvl and 6/6MSV exp

What we require of our raiders

-We require our raiders to do research of all bosses we are progressing on at the time

-We provide Feasts/flasks however we would like you to bring your own elixirs/pots

-We value our raid time, Be prepared to release and run back after a wipe

- Understand that wipes do happen, they will be dealt with as quickly as possible and we will get back in and pull the boss

-Be friendly and able to give advice if you find someone possibly under-preforming

-Be on and ready for an invite to the raid 15 minutes before it starts

Raid times/days

-Raid times are Tue-Thur-Sat 6-9 server time

Who to contact

Contact Dasturos, Maslowe or Iamhax.


-Still in progress