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    Requesting help for Spriest analyzis on WoL

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some general tips as to how I can analyze a shadow priests performance on World of Logs. I'm not famililar with their rotation so I could use some help. For example things that might help me would be;

    Which dots and what uptimes (%-wise perhaps) should I be expecting?
    How many casts of a certain spell per minute (like mind blasts).
    I realize this can be haste-dependant, but then I suppose most spriests have similar stats at around normal mode raiding.

    This is assuming a single target tank and spank fight.

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    Hi there.
    Vampiric touch and shadow wprd: pain should have as close to 100% uptime as possible, the higher the better. expect 98-99% ish.
    about 6 Mind Blasts per minute, more if the SP is using DI tallent.

    Other than that, Mind Spike and Mind flay should come as they may depending on proccs etc.

    **Edit** And ofc. 1 DP per 3 MB
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    Thank you, that's helpful.

    What about Shadow Orbs? Do they play a role in the rotation? If so is there a way to tell if the priest is taking advantage of the shadow orbs correctly?

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    They do play a part in the rotation, 3 orbs on one Devouering Plague. Thats basicly all they are good for.. thats why i wrote, one DP per 3 MB, 1 MB builds 1 shadow orb

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    Aaaah! I see. They really flipped the coin on orb generation since Cata. Thanks

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    Basically this is how I go about analyzing a spriest when I am reviewing their logs.

    Using this Log as an example. (I just found the first priest I saw listed on a random fight).

    First thing first click on the Priest's name to go into the details for that fight.

    Click "Buff's Gained" tab, and check to see if they have any Surge of Darkness procs (to see if they were spec'd FDCL or not) and any procs of Divine Insight.
    • If they were spec'd FDCL and don't also show Glyph of Mind Spike on this tab that's just bad.
    • Often people who are low on Mind Blast casts did really good on casting Mind Spike whenever they could. Getting the balance between FDCL and casting MB on cd can be hard in a raid setting.
    • If the person did have Divine Insight you don't just add those procs to the number of MB's that could have happened because you still get the CD after you cast MB.
    • Often if a priest has both DI and FDCL Mind Flay usage will be very low. This is fine.

    In the case of our example priest he was using FDCL but not DI.

    After looking at those things I click over to the "damage by spell" tab. Fight duration was 6:16 or 376 seconds.

    CD on Mind Blast is 8 seconds. So logic might seem to indicate that you should just divide the fight duration by 8, but there is also the cast time to consider and the fact people aren't machines. In general I give a little leeway and go with 9-10secs. It's largely a personal thing of how perfect you expect the priest to be. Also remember with FDCL, there will be casts that have half or no cast time; and with DI some with come off CD early and have no cast time. In general I think most anyone should be able to hit a 9.5 rate.

    376/9.5 = 39 possible MB (rounded up) which is exactly how many this priest had.

    Now take the number of MB and add that to the half the number of Shadow Word: Death, in this case 7 and divide the total by 3. (39+7)/3 = 15 is the number of Devouring Plague that should have been cast. 17 was actually cast which means a couple of times he cast it before he had 3 orbs which is slightly less good.

    In this detail you probably notice that all the dots are listed twice. You can pretty much ignore the bottom section, that is just how mastery procs are shown. The top section is where you see the uptime on dots. You want to see 90%+ in general.

    Mind Flay is sort of an exception. Uptime on that will be lower if both FDCL and DI are used, higher if just one of those is used, and higher still if neither. It's really just a filler so I wouldn't stress about that too much.

    The last thing to consider when reviewing a spriest log is mechanics of the fight (are their periods where not being able to dps in unavoidable?, are you giving the spriest a job to do that requires him to change how he dps'?, etc...), did the priest die during the fight, and did you need him to do utility things like healing. All of these things should be thought about before you approach your spriest about low dps.

    Let me know if you need any clarifications, and i can post screenies when I get home if you have trouble finding anything on WoL
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    Thank you for that Arlee, that's a brilliant post

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