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    is this normal or is it bugged?

    can mmr bug?

    On my 2s team I have a team that has 90-40 win loss ratio at 1650 rating and around 1550 mmr.

    The question i have is why doesn't the game queue me up with higher mmr people so I end up with 90-90 oor even 90-100 o r 90-80 ratio.

    is the 50 wins difference normal?

    my friend told me that mmr bugs and I need to create a new team. Is that so? please enlighten me how the system works.

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    its within the realm of possibility that you're mostly winning to lower ranked people and mostly losing to higher ranked people

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    1650 rating and playing at 1550 mmr.. it's more than possible, it's probable ^^.

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    1) Comp is more important in 2s than any other bracket, and there are many comps(even played perfectly) that simply cannot win against others, so you end up losing to low rated players playing stronger comps.

    2) Because of the number of people that queue 2s for points there are many more low mmr teams than higher mmr teams, so you constantly get queued into comparatively far more 1500ish mmr teams until you get past 1750 mmr yourself.

    Makes it very difficult to get into the 1850+ mmr area in 2s, unless you 1) play one of the few strongest comps 2) get lucky with who you queue into until your safely past the cutoff where the queue system won't throw you in with so many 'points teams' 3) get queued against exploiters.

    I had a 85% winrate 2s team that never got past 1800 because of getting thrown to the wolves in the queue system every 10-15 games against comps that were impossible for us being played by 1400 mmr points players. If the same happens to you, don't beat yourself up about it and just play 3s or 5s.
    Only real advice is play a strong comp and try to play your best, and/or get lucky, for big winstreaks.

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