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  • Yes - I would unlock LFR giving my main and all my alts access to it.

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    I actually kind of like doing this type of thing on my alts, giving me a chance to play a new class or spec in a raid scenario where I otherwise would not have been able to. I would be fine having my main unlock it for all my alts.

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    You already have to unlock it. You have to get 460 ilvl.

    If you start hiding things behind quests, you'll find a large proportion of players just won't do it. I remember the Karazhan chain, how my ultra casual guild members didn't know anything about it and we had to run them through the whole fucking thing every time we needed more people. Those are the people LFR is aimed at, those are the people least likely to bother with a quest chain to unlock things.

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    one of the stupidest threads/ideas ive seen in a while, so u want people to have to complete something that takes extreme skill/coordination just so they can unlock something that is the most faceroll raid ever implemented in this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    you already have to unlock LFR you have to get an i lvl of 460 or whatever, normal raiding has no such restrictions.
    You basically have that ilvl as you finish off doing quests and enter 2 or 3 hc's.

    To be honest, I couldn't care less abour LFR but, if they were about to put those quest chains back in game, I'd expect them to take you at least several hours, even pass to 2 days to complete them. Why? because other way there's no point to waste 4 hours doing meaningless quests to unluck stuff... make it real or let it be.
    It was great in the past indeed, even for those complainers who'd say (but we had to clear the old raids again for the new members derp), and so what? most of your raid still needed something from there anyways..

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    I think the OP is on to something except he doesn't go far enough. Every single toon in the guild would have to run every 5 man heroics 265 times. That would unlock 48 reputations beginning at Hated that could be completed with five daily quests that would give you 100 rep each. Once the entire guild had reached exalted with every one, you could enter LFR. You would need to have every single toon in the guild complete LFR five times with their monitor turned off without a single wipe then normal modes would unlock. In normal mode one piece of loot would drop each successful full clear. After at least 80% of the raid had an item level that dropped from normal mode in at least 8 slots you open the 690 attunement quest chain for Heroic raids. Once every single person in your guild completed this the guild would be eligible. When you reached the entrance on heroic mode each member of the raid group has to solo Gamon riding on Hogger at the entrance. You would then get 4 seconds until The Lich King would spawn riding Deathwing and after each person soloed that you could enter. If you didn't full clear each week it reset and you started the whole process over. If anyone failed to solo the entrance bosses 90% of the guild reputations reset to friendly and you started over. I mean if you really want to feel entitled. Shouldn't you at least do something worthy of lording things over other people first. You are playing Wow. Not some grindy Korean MMO or even EQ. Wow. You know the easy one everyone flocked to because Vanilla was kiddy mode compared to the others.

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    This is the stupidest idea I have ever seen on the forums. Why would you have to do challenge mode dungeons before lfr? You blew my mind with your stupidity.

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    Challenge modes? Some sort of attunement could be fun, but come on. Have you seen the average player in LFR, and have you seen challenge modes? A lot of these people probably struggle to get through a normal heroic if they arent being carried by a competent player. They'd never pass the first trash mob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    I dont believe you people.

    Dont you find an ilvl requirement just plain boring? Grindy, dull, and anticipating is what i say.
    I still have yet to see you answer a simple question... do you still play? do you have anything positive to say about Wow or Blizzard? it appears that you have an unhealthy hatred for Blizzard, Wow, and anyone that doesn't agree with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drathos View Post
    The first one wouldn't be consistent with their idea of normal/heroic raiders not being forced to do LFR.
    I dont like my idea EITHER... it was intended to show the lunacy of locking LFR behind attunments, challenge modes or other pain in the ass shit.

    if you are gonna lock up LFR... lock up everythign else behind pain in the ass requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    you already have to unlock LFR you have to get an i lvl of 460 or whatever, normal raiding has no such restrictions.
    The ilvl req in lfr is to make it more likely that you can pull your weight, as you can only kick a select few dead weigths from lfr, without a gear minimum, some ppl would be insultive enough to join with their "lvled through gathering" glyphless alts in ilvl 200 gear and expect to get carried.

    In an actual raid, you can boot as many ppl as you wish and thereby get rid of those that underperform/aren't geared enough for their task, even the best tank in the world would be unable to survive certain boss mechanics in horrid gear, or would only be able to do so through getting cds chained upon, instead of living through it without, like a moderately geared tank would. Likewise there are healing or damage requirements to a fight, and while those can be compensated with gear and efforts of others, there is only that much stretch in their abilities to do so.
    Lets say (for numbers sake) that a boss requires every dps to do 80k average, this (lets say 10man) raid has 2 tanks 2 healers and 6 dps, one of the dps pulls 20k, and by doing so forces the rest to do 92k dps each (on average), while some are able to do this, not everyone will and it is harder to push your dps from 80k ish to 92k (same gear/fight/spec), then to replace that 20k dps person with a 70k dps one, and have the rest do 82k dps each.

    Now on topic: yes i would unlock lfr, and enjoy doing so, as it being challenge dungeon based would atleased make sure you get somewhat competent (or atleased dedicated) ppl in lfr and not some 1337 speak spamming ench/gem/glyphless ppl that purely abused ilvl by getting random items they can equip, but do not benefit their spec.

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    Jaylock you miss the entire point of LFR, it's for the masses to see the content. If you want somewhere to croon about how awesome you are then thats what heroic raids are for. Why the hell anyone would want to make LFR harder to reach is beyond me unless they really like being in a 47 minute long dps que to get gear that is feeble in comparisson to any other raid content.

    LFR is never going to be made for a minority of players. Some times the world is not wrong and its just you. And in this case sometimes is every time.

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    How come the same people that bitch about Welfare Epics are the same ones that bitch about having to do dailies for epics?

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    Maybe something like this?

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