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    What to do with Valor Points now.

    So with dailies being so bad right now, and I have done them on one toon and now I refuse to do them on my second 90, what will I do with the Valor I have? I hit to 1k cap this week from running heroics and LFR to obtain the some gear and have been working on professions. I just can not make myself do the dailies. I even tried to do the golden lotus and cloud serpents only one day and realized i rather beat my head against a wall instead. I know I will not be able to get some 489 gear without doing dailies and maybe since I have hit exalted on most reputations with the one toon, I will get motivated in 5.1 to start on second toon since the reputation grind might not be as bad. But as to my current question, and until 5.1 makes it out, what do I do with the current Valor that I have now? Do I let it sit until I can stomach doing dailies again? Anyway, i guess there is not much left to do but to just sit on em until I can do dailies again.

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    I'd really just do the dailies for Klaxxi or Golden Lotus... just enough to unlock some valor gear, just so the valor doesn't go to waste if you keep running 5mans and stuff.

    That's what I'm doing for my panda.

    Honestly, if you hate dailies that much just make sure you're a DPS spec, and use good food, flask, and get fully buffed from an outside source. I do all the basic Klaxxi and GL dailies easily inside of 60 minutes and that's with rarespawns, dicking around, and not like "grinding". Being as fully buffed as possible helps a lot, from what I can tell.

    Also if you're doing stuff as something atrocious like a prot pally ... just ... stop. Even if your OS is holy like mine, I'd almost say swap to a ret OS and get some gear for it anytime you're gonna do dailies. idk what it's like for other tanks atm, but, my prot pally is almost unbearable to solo with now after they nerfed how vengance generates from spike damage. I USED to be able to stand in fire for a few ticks, almost kill myself, use LoH, and have 60k vengance and pop all CDs and go to town and kill a rarespawn in like 2-3 minutes or so. NOW? It's like a 6+ minute slugfest no joke. So if you're a tank... you definitely want to make sure you have a DPS offspec even if you have to go respec before doing dailies.

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    You can save it for the upcoming item upgrades in 5.1.

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