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    [H-Thoruim Brotherhood]<Forge> LF Shadow Priest and Hunter.

    <Forge> is a 10-man guild currently in need a few exceptional DPS.

    We're currently 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults and 2/6 Heart of Fear and we're looking to push further into Normal HoF, Normal ToES, and Heroic MSV.

    Raid times:
    - 9:30PM to 12:30AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
    - In weeks that we're pushing progression, an additional night might be added.

    Current needs:
    1 Shadow Priest
    1 Hunter

    If you are interested and/or have any questions, you can contact either the GM or myself:

    Eclyps#1127 - GM's BattleTag
    Oathkeeper#1185 - My BattleTag


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    Still looking for people.

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