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    Moderation in General WoW forum is lacking

    Like I reported this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Azurenys View Post
    If I speak my mind about the -brainless- people who made comments on my post I'll get forum ban.

    So, enjoy your stupidity and -please- let the rest of us play a decent game instead of ruining it for us with your fanboism.

    Good night.
    The guy gets no infraction.

    I make a comment on a guy that is known to make threads to get a raise out of people (Jaylock) within seconds I was infracted for trolling.

    I report a lot of posts but it seems like the mods are completely ignoring every one of them.

    what gives...

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    Might want to read the rules before you get another infraction.

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    As Anias pointed out, discussing moderator actions publicly isn't allowed. If you have issues with the way things are being handled, please contact Sunshine with specific examples of such.


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