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    Leveling 85-90 (and doing daily's) as Blood?

    So probably going to get around to leveling my DK to 90 soon (which will then result in weeks of daily grinds). I leveled my Monk as BrM due to sick AoE and ability to pull an infinite amount of mobs at once + instant dungeon queue's. Does Blood share a similar experience?

    Curious if switching to Frost/Unholy would make either go faster despite the lower survival?

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    Yes, blood is by far the best ermagherrd pull more mobs spec. You have insane self healing and can comfortably pull 10-15 mobs that 2-3 would cause grief for dps.

    2H Frost for 85-87, then blood for 87-90 is the best way to get to 90 the fastest.

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    how is the dps as blood when aoe pulling? ive tried prot pala leveling and even tho you can survive large packs, i felt i couldn't survive the monotony and length of time it took to kill the pack...

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    DW or 2H frost with glyph of Dark Succor. Easy handles pack of a half dozen or so and kills them way faster than blood could ever dream and you can stay relatively topped off. AOE like mad, then focus down low health targets, DS next target. Rinse, repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerGamez View Post
    Yes, blood is by far the best ermagherrd pull more mobs spec. You have insane self healing and can comfortably pull 10-15 mobs that 2-3 would cause grief for dps.

    2H Frost for 85-87, then blood for 87-90 is the best way to get to 90 the fastest.
    100% agree with this

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    Blood really is insane, providing your realm is low pop enough to have access to mass pulling. With Rolling Blood talented your aoe is verrrry strong. I found while leveling mine that if you are able to truly mass pull, Conversion also worked well as reliable self healing while BB spamming, I was a fan of Death Pact outside of this situation, but Conversion having no CD really was handy. Chillbains is also an option friends have used to give them selves some breathing space if needed, I didn't find this necessary however, but noteworthy nonetheless. Frost with Chillbains and Dark Succor is also a very valid choice if you don't have the freedom of pulling everything you can see, and is preferred up to 87, as others have mentioned beforehand.

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    leveling and doing my dailies as blood is the easiest thing i've ever done in wow.

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    Get the BoA ilvl 463 agility polearm from archeology and it's even more fun!

    Along with the BoA ilvl 463 mastery trinket.... 800 something mastery at 85, awesome.

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    Blood puts all other tank specs to shame when it comes to damage output.

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    I can see how blood might be better for the leveling portion because when I get 2 or more mobs I have to bandage or eat after. Blood I wouldn't ever stop
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    I used to do my dailies as blood, since it is my main spec, but only untill i finished my frost gear.
    Killing stuff takes forever and is ridiculously boring. I'd say 2H frost is the way to go for both dailies and leveling. Get glyph of dark succor and you're golden.
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    It takes SO LONG to kill anything, though. It's boring unless you have an enormous pack that you have to properly tank, otherwise you could assign a rotary fan to do your dailies for you.

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    While it does take longer to kill things I'd only call it slow if you're taking only taking on a couple of mobs at a time. If you go big with your chain pulls (10+mobs) you can use vengenance amplifid blood boil and soul reaper to put out sizeable dps (wear DPS gear though).

    As an example I got the last half of my xp from 89-90 via huge pulls in the dread wastes.

    With regard to dailies it's defintely slower, but the advantage Blood has is that it makes them so stupidly easy that you can focus on something else almost entirely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerGamez View Post
    Blood puts all other tank specs to shame when it comes to damage output.
    Que? Blanket statements are blanket. BrM holds # 1 and # 3 DPS spot on Heroic Feng just as a random check. I'm # 23 on Stone Guard w/ 97k (5 iLevel ago) which puts me in line with the # 9 DK. I'll be surprised if my DK impresses me over my BrM but still my second fave char so want to level her up.

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll start out as Frost and keep Blood in my back pocket and maybe switch at 87. Sure I'll dungeon (and maybe even Scenario?) as Blood but I'm on a crowded server so daily's will probably be better as Frost since I can't really pull "that" many mobs at once.

    Actually a lot of factions I do the daily's a day behind on so I can have the quest area to myself and pull bucket loads of adds to AoE down. You find a lot of those tiller dirt mounds that way too.

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    Hi SurrealNight, i, like you, levelled a Monk in Mists.

    Im also currently levelling my DK, aswell as my mage when time allows...

    I've found, that if you had great gear at level 85 with your DK, for a certain spec, then its probably better to start with that spec (if Blood or Frost), or go 2H Frost (if you had Unholy ofc).

    For my first level... i pretty much chain pulled everything as i was Blood, and also doing the first two dungeons without the need to be healed was also a pretty fun thing to do, and since i didnt need the healer, they could comfortably switch to dps and only throw the odd heal here and there if needed.

    I actually decided soon after i dinged 86 that i was going to quest (gold ftw) to level 90 the rest of the way, so i tried my Unholy spec for a bit, and due to the ramp-up time of the diseases and the DPS, taking its time to get going, i figured Frost would be alot better, since it has much higher burst damage.. and with the burst aoe it generally brings, you can be sure to be able to pull a few mobs with the Darck Succor Glyph and still come out with barely a scratch.

    Saying that though, Blood is still far superior (and should be considered keeping as an offspec while you level) at multi mob pulls in spots where mobs are alot closer together... since you can literally pull en masse and still survive.

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    I leveled as 2h frost with the arch polearm.

    I tried blood in dread wastes, but it felt too slow so went back. It certainly works though.

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    blood works fine, did dread waste in blood spec because the mobs were hitting way to hard and I was having too much down time as frost

    dailies as blood work fine too, just put on your dps gear, pull as much as you can and aoe+death strike, use soul reaper on low hp mobs for the haste buff, think it makes my runes regen in about 1.5s with it on ^^

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    Tis gonna be sooo slow, though. Trust me. I go frost and kill stuff faster.

    Granted, lot more damage taken and I have to bandage a lot or use Death Pact but the speed is great.

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    I leveled as blood, and I don't know if it was my Cataclysmic gear, reforged, enchanted and gemmed for damage, which gave me a good boost from the get go, but I found leveling to be fast and painless. In fact, there were a couple spots where monsters kept spawning with a pretty fast pace, and I spent some time grinding them just because it was so easy, and drops (cloth, greens) were awesome.

    Throughout leveling I could easily grab every monster in the current smaller area, pop Outbreak, spread with BB, drop DnD for good measure, turn green/blue into purple with DS and just bang BB as long as there was a huge zerg of mobs around me. The fun part of that is that you can keep running in circles, collecting more and more mobs to kill while keeping aggro with BB and spreading your diseases.

    Now that I'm 90 in full honor gear (stamina/mastery/dodge enchants, gems and reforge), with one Brewfest stamina trinket, a couple of Malevolent pieces and a 2900DPS sword from a scenario (still collecting conq for the 2HAx by doing random BG's sigh), running at about 498K health unbuffed, I can easily keep collecting every monster in sight and kill a couple dozen of them at once with no problem. I killed the rare Major Nanners and some four (I think) of his elite buddies all at once with ease.

    You have to remember that blood will get Vengeance. I've seen my AP jump quite a bit when I'm killing about a dozen mobs.

    In any case, while unholy and frost may kill faster in the long run, even if you factor in the fact they can't pull and tag anywhere near as many mobs at once, and they may have to eat and bandage, I personally wouldn't change the absolute safety and security of being blood for anything. There isn't a player out there who can take me out 1v1. Sure, I won't kill many of them either, but being pretty much invulnerable works as an amazing deterrent for gankers.

    It was the same when leveling. Even though there were plenty of enemies in sight, attacks were quite rare, and I survived easily against ganks of two people.

    Also, dying to monsters when you heal insane amounts is pretty much impossible. I healed 5.8 million in an AB just a while back, kept #1 healing done for quite a while over three actual healers.

    If you're on a PvE realm and have no worries about ever being ganked, and if there's no competition over monsters meaning you don't have to tag a whole bunch at once, and if you don't mind taking damage, then you may want to level as unholy or frost. Otherwise I for one would suggest blood. It's just so damn safe.
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    I leveled my dk from 85 to 90 in blood specc and HC DS dps gear. The only item I have changed until I hit 90 was the weapon. Glyph of dark succor doesn't work, because they changed how blood shield from Death Strike works - only in blood presence now. But while I was leveling up I did some crazy pulls, even killed some rares and I haven't died even once. So to recap: Blood spec, blood presence, dps gear -> GG.

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