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    Surprised this was such a lively topic so far into the expansion, figured I'd have gotten directed to a dozen other existing threads.

    Getting sent out of town but plan to start as Frost and migrate to Blood. Will give some feedback after Thanksgiving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyperionx View Post
    My problem with blood is that while it's impossible to die in pve situations and pull a bunch of mobs, your setting yourself up for an easy gank while your distracted.
    Quite frankly you'd have to be asleep and have pulled two dozen mobs for anyone to easily gank you, if you've got decent PvP gear. I was attacked by four people when I was killing Kal'tik the Blight and I managed to get 2 million health off him before I made a mistake and stepped into his Blade Flurry and died. I also killed Major Nanners yesterday with two players on my ass, had no problems (although one of them died after a while to Nanners' Going Bananas).

    You'd have be nuked by a fully raid geared super DPS while you're so distracted by your mob killing that you can't fight back, in order for it to be an "easy" gank.
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    Last time it was an issue was when I had just dinged 90. Lately it hasn't been, but I've gotten so used to the quickness of killing stuff with frost that I haven't bothered switching back. Now, it just feels faster to keep chain pulling as frost rather than pulling a bunch at once with blood. I haven't done dailies as blood though for a long time so maybe blood with dps gear won't feel as slow.
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    I've just got to half way through level 87 as 2h Frost (did 85-86.5 as Blood) the goings really quick actually... I'm thinking i might go all the ay to 88 or so as Frost, and then spec back to blood for the remainder of levelling when i hit higher level zones, aswell as to do both 87 dungeons that you get unlocked for you.

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