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    Forgot secret question answers; calling customer support.

    Just as the title says, I'm calling CS to reset my password and security questions/answers. Can anyone else who have done this tell me what other info I should have ready, or know what they will ask for so I can have it ready? Thank you.

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    couldnt believe i saw this thread title ... same here
    bought it yesterday and cant log ... tryed to open a ticket and there saw the advice to call em ... i did tho waited to much and wasted 5 more euros before got an answer ... Was pretty mad but decided to have patience , and kept my ticket going , they said they will call me instead ... thats seems nice

    Waiting for the call now .

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    Today may be a bit slow on the customer support front, they are usually on the money and in my experience extremely helpful but today is Storm Legion launch day, lots happening. you wont need much more than what is in the personal account details when you created it.

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    i wana play it aswell but cant even log in :'(

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    At least its safe.
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    They had us redo our secret questions not all that long ago. I wrote my down because they were kind of obscure things like "what was your favorite toy growing up" you would think a game company would ask a more pertinent question like "what console did you have growing up" that's something we wouldn't forget

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    well i know the answers atleast im 99% sure ... Cos choosed obvious and easy questions ...
    Like the girl i like , street i grew up in , and the fav movie character . But it doesnt work so i wonder maybe its case sensitive .. or i put 1 letter to much somewhere ... or the order of name surname and vice versa , tryed tho still doesnt accept my answers :|

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    and that captcha made me go insane tbh so gaved up

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    When i reset mine, i forgot the secret questions,they asked for my card details, my date of birth and the account holders name. then i reset all my passwords, easy done.
    free to call CS aswell and you don't get put on hold for an hour either, like some other places i have phoned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nykolas View Post
    free to call CS aswell and you don't get put on hold for an hour either, like some other places i have phoned.
    Not to mention you can free phone them from Skype if I remember correctly

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    Did this a few weeks back, they kinda just went "well what do you think the answer could be, let's see if it's anywhere close". It all turned out alright, just had the capital letters wrong, but I always keep my billing details etc around just in case. It was the second time I had to do this tho, so this time I wrote the answers down^^

    Also, I HATE their secret questions. I have problems answering most of them since I don't have a "spouse" lol.
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    well i got it fixed tho i hoped to change by myself questions and answers ,,, but he said he will do it , so i just chosed 1 i had wrong , but to be honest took me 8 9 tryes after CALL to figure out capital letters ... when i got it right rlly couldnt believe my eyes it went trough actually ...

    Now its kinda messed up , first answer is simple second is elaborate etc as i wanted it to be .

    And also i cant rlly understand HOW the hell i forgot the password i mean im rlly rlly sure it was the correct one , unless i made some random capital letter or smthing strange been years ago .

    Well happy it got solved , tho remake all this would be such a pain tbh .... Mostly because i aint rlly sure what combination of capitals and and answers i put in when it went trough ....

    Anyway solved so pretty happy cant wait get home from work .

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    Update: Called this morning, got into queue as number 1, waited around 10 minutes. Guy asked for Name, DoB, Billing Address and was able to reset the questions for me. Took around 20 minutes whole. Great CS.

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    Bought SL via Steam on Sunday, my keys would not take in my Trion account. Emailed support, on a Sunday, received a response asking for my keys. When I checked my email again Monday morning they had replied Sunday evening telling me they manually added them and that they were sorry for the inconvenience. Ha! Inconvenience? For a game that hasn't even released? And they fixed it on a Sunday? Ya that's right, a Sunday! Go Trion! Blizzard has over 10million customers and their CS doesnt even work weekends.... Im sure they will get you sorted out pretty fast

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    I've not had to deal with CS often but early in the games life raiding the 10 man Guilded Prophecy one of our guildies looted the boss with autoloot on and loot was set for free for all since there was a know loot bug at the time. The ability to trade gear wasn't in place so we both made a ticket. By the time we got to the third boss the item was gone from his bag and my mail notification was lit up. 30 minutes it took we didn't have time to finish the instance and the issue was resolved. Mind = Blown
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffygong View Post
    Not to mention you can free phone them from Skype if I remember correctly
    Yeah, you can skype them, they are open to calls 24/7 7days a week too. I personally like the online chat windows they have where you talk to a GM

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