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    I ask VGD: Skyrim casual play, turn off all/most mods?

    So, with WoW back in full-swing...

    I just can't seem to keep up with the overabundance of Skyrim mods. I seem to spend the better part of a day off from WoW just looking at new mods, getting shit all nice and updated, working out any kinks, and then playing for a few hours...

    And then by the next time I make it back ... everything is out of date, a lot of shit is broke or no longer being updated.

    So what's the point? Maybe I should just turn all the non-crucial mods off and play it vanilla?

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    Play it more often so it doesnt become outdated every time you logon because of patches

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    Yes, you should. Keep the unofficial bug fixer, if you're using a custom race keep that and the mod to fix custom races and...I don't know, except that keep what you like and actually use. If you like nude mods, keep those, if you like a house on the highest peak, keep that, if you like that awesome companion, keep that. But don't keep all the mods. The game is awesome to play even without them. And for you, when you say you take a long time to come back and fort from WoW, many of those mods will, as you say, go outdated.

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