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Long funny comparison
That made my day, thanks. And, spot on.

Still, you might wanted to add "Your Spirit Link will now only be usable on yourself, and your Ascendance has descended out of your spellbook."

On-topic: no, afaik all healers still have (albeit now further evolved) version of the big slow heal/big but costly fast heal/filler heal/AOE heal, a monk really doesn't unless you want to count Soothing Mist as the filler and Surging Mist as the BBCFH. AoE planning (even when stacked up) requires planning instead of "I'll heal that low health group member and it'll jump to some others". Still, the best tip in this thread: try it. The complex and completely new (and random) nature of monk healing is what made me reroll to a MV monk. Try it, and see if you like it or not! Good luck and have fun!