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    <Dusk Till Dawn> H 25 Recruiting

    About Us:
    <Dusk Till Dawn> is a late night weekend 25 man Horde guild located on Bleeding Hollow US. The guild was newly formed for MoP raiding originally as a 10 man guild with 13 close friends to raid on weekends. As we cleared 6/6 MsV within two weeks, we started to toss around the idea of expanding the guild and shifting our focus to 25 man raiding, which to us was the truest form of raiding enjoyment. After a week of recruitment, we were able to pick up enough players to test the guild in a 25 man setting, which turned out to be a success as we went 4/6 on our very first night. With the help of many players on the server, we have been consistently expanding the guild so that we can one day become a 25 man powerhouse on the Horde side of Bleeding Hollow. <Dusk Till Dawn> is looking for experienced and geared players who would be willing to jump on board with us as we push our way to the top of the progression charts. We raid Friday 10pm-1am server, Saturday 10pm-1am server, and Sunday at 7pm-10pm server.

    What We Expect:
    We require a 470 iL minimum along with at least an 85% attendance rate for all raids. You would also be expected to show up properly reforged and enchanted along with necessary flasks and potions. Food will be provided. Be on at least 30 minutes before raid. You must show a dedication and willingness to learn and down content, this means that you must take it upon yourself to do the necessary research on not only the boss’s but your character classes. We expect absolute seriousness and concentration in a raid environment. Along with this, you must either contact me personally in game (Sparklesyay is the character name) for a Ventrilo interview or apply to our site at

    What We Need:
    Monk- Brewmaster (Medium Need) Windwalker (High Need) Mistweaver (High Need)
    Paladin- Retribution(High Need) Protection (Medium Need) Holy (Medium Need)
    Warrior- Fury (Medium Need) Arms (Medium Need) Protection (High Need)
    Warlock- Affliction (High Need) Destruction (Medium Need) Demonology (Low Need)
    Shaman- Enhancement (Low Need) Elemental (High Need) Restoration (Medium Need)
    Rogue- All specs High Need
    Mage- All specs High Need
    Priest- Holy (High Need) Discipline (Medium Need) Shadow (Medium Need)
    Hunter- Beastmaster (High Need) All other specs at Low Need
    Deathknight- Frost (High Need) Unholy (High Need) Blood (Medium Need)
    Druid- Feral (High Need) Balance (High Need) Restoration (Medium Need)

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