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    Flying didnt ruin the game, it actually made it so they can do sooo much more in the world.

    Also if this ruined the game for you, unsub and make a statement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninaran View Post
    People got annoyed by Dazed. I got annoyed by Dazed. Flying Mounts prevent that. I like Flying Mounts.
    I hated that in Vanilla, going from light's hope chapel to Stratholme was a bloody chore, riding through the mob-infested plaguelands, getting dazed/dismounted by plaguehounds or if i took the road i would get that scarlet crusade questmob (And 6 or so guards) blocking the way, flying mounts make that things can happen on the ground without messing up people just trying to get from A to B...

    Really, OP wants to do dailies in Dread wastes without a flying mount? i found wading hip-deep in mobs there getting to 90 annoying enough TBH.

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    Flying mounts didn't ruin World PVP. It stopped World GANKING.

    If you want to world PvP, find more players with the same attitude, arrange a place to meet and, erm, start PvP'ing.

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    Go home ganker!
    Stop whining just because you have a hard time getting others to whine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    Flying mounts didn't ruin World PVP. It stopped World GANKING.

    If you want to world PvP, find more players with the same attitude, arrange a place to meet and, erm, start PvP'ing.

    Also, join a bg, join arena, join a rbg, they were specifically made for PvP. The world wasn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post

    If you want to world PvP, find more players with the same attitude, arrange a place to meet and, erm, start PvP'ing.
    No, man, that would present actual challenge as I'm fighting skilled and geared opponents, and not some pve-ers or undergeared scrubs, hell maybe even lowbies. Also, you can't get people to make QQ threads on the realm forum, if it was all arranged.


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    becasuse it seamed "cool".

    Unfortunatly it was not thought through. It has a very negative impact on the game, sure its more convenient to get places, but it trivialises distance and takes the player out of the world, you dont make journeys anymore, you skip content to dropdown on objectives, and removes any sembalance of "balanced" w-pvp, and just encourages ganking by hihger levels.

    Another issue is WoW has never really made effective use of flying, its just used as a gate to some content, not as an interesting mechanic in and of itself. I was quite disappointed in Outland where the promise of flying never really had any real impact other than negative. And its not got better since.

    The only real positive is you get some nice views. But all in all its not worth it. Which is why I am strongly against flying in ohter MMOs unless its done much better, but its too late for WoW, we are stuck with it.
    No game will ever kill wow. Though Blizard themselves are making a pretty damm good attempt lately.


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    this statement is coming from a recent gank victim i suppose.

    in the earlier days of my game time, i used to get furious when i get ganked as well. later on, i learned to fight back and game became much more fun. don't get me wrong, i got corpse-camped and whatnot, which is not fun, but i have to thank all the alliance that ganked me at stv. that's why i learned how to avoid roads, how to run away, how to counter gank when i was very new at the game.

    long story short, the sole purpose of PvP server is this: gank whoever you want whenever you want. either learn to deal with it or roll on a PvE server.

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    Remember having lots of fun world PVP with flying mounts in TBC. Especialy on them towers in the wastes south terokkar
    I beliave what mostly killed world PVP was the removal of world tressure things to grind for.
    There is no "tyrs hand" where people gather to grind outside town for example.

    MoP has introduced a lot of new interesting world stuff worth being out for tho, sadly the faction balance on my realm makes it no World PvP. Hope they enable cross realm zones for pandaria soon so there will at least be som horde trying to gank me while I fight rare spawns.

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    I actually do think that it damaged the game. World PvP aside, as it has been discussed a few times, it dramatically alters the way you perceive the world around you. And no, "duh, you can just use your ground mount if you want to!" is not a valid argument because i know exactly that i'm just restraining myself, as oppsoed to being restrained by the game. After playing GW2 for a while i suddenly came to the conclusion that having flying mounts implemented in the way it is done in WoW does nothing else then hurt the game, imo. It may be more convenient, yes, but on the other hand, so is getting your epics for free. The more effort you put in something, the more rewarding it feels. They could do some much more to the landscape if they didn't have to check that everythings suitable for flying mounts. I mean, there's not even a clear advantage to them; theres nothing to explore while flying around in the air, everything interesting is down on the ground.

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    Because the world is way to large for you to only be able to ride around on a regular mount. SW:TOR and GW2 have some kind of portal/teleportation system wherever you are in the world (more or less), while World of Warcraft had its flight paths. In order to get from A to B, you either had to walk on foot, ride a ground mount or use flight paths, unless you were able to be summoned/teleported that is. It took time getting from A to B. Players wanted a faster means of transportation, and flying mounts surely was the most fitting for a fantasy world. I love having a flying mount, even though I would've been able to work without it in many cases, it is still a lot faster. Just think of the time you save by flying from for instance the Jade Forest to Shrine of a gazillion moons/stars instead of riding on a regular mount there. It is a huge amount of time saved. You would've cried if flying mounts were removed.

    I remember Blizzard mentioning having mounted battles possibly implemented a couple years back. And I do remember that idea being scrapped shortly thereafter. Battles in the air would be awesome, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

    World PvP is still there, but there's no reason for anyone to actually go out and fight over places like Southshore or Crossroads anymore. I posted a long long post about this matter a couple years back, in regards to bringing world PvP in the form of objective based battles placed all over the world. It is a war between the Alliance and the Horde after all. A battle we rarely see anything of. A battle between the factions should consist of hundreds on each side, and CCR would help this idea further immensely. But meh. We're getting more battlegrounds, which is boring.

    I liked Wintergrasp and Tol Barad to some degree, but you did not feel attached to it. If that same battle were to take place in for instance the outskirts of any of the major cities, you would get that feeling back instantly. Who wouldn't fight for the survival of their main capital? Anyway. Back to flying mounts. There's nothing wrong with it. The thing that is bad and should be improved is the way people would be forced to go out and do stuff. Ganking people during their daily grind isn't world pvp. It's just lame. Do anyone at all remember the awesomeness when people gathered hundreds in order to take on for instance Crossroads? The whole of Barrens became a battleground! This was not due to how awesome Blizzard was, this was due to the community. The community was the one who marched out there in order to have some world pvp, not Blizzard forcing you to do so.

    You have battlegrounds and arenas now. All of which gives you more in regards to actual rewards than what world PvP does. The honor gain is laughable compared to the one you get during a battleground, which often lasts less than 10 minutes. The community isn't after community based entertainment, they want rewards. When something do not give them an reward, they do not want to do it.

    Mind you that I am, and has always been, on a PvE server. We had to make our own world PvP. Before Cross-realm battlegrounds, you were fighting the opposing faction. People you knew. People who might have ganked you a million times while you were leveling. It was personal. It was fun. In battleground, you met the same people. I were part of the realms finest teams back in vanilla. We absolutely annihilated the Horde, unless we met a certain team whom we always had lengthy battles against (Fusion ...). When cross-realm battlegrounds were released, the teams sticked together and owned pretty much everything. But the fun was lost. You did not fight those you knew. Only random people of X, Y and Z realm were fighting against you. There was no tactics involved in the fight against you. It became boring. And so the team slowly dissolved. Why? Because you did not need to actually have a good team in order to win anymore.

    Back to world Pvp. It died at the start of TBC. And I wouldn't say it was purely based upon the fact that people obtained their flying mounts, I would rather say it was because of the way the community started to grow into the idea of everything being rewarding. Halaa in Nagrand gave you great rewards. Throughout most of TBC there were battles going on. Now? It's more or less dead. Wintergrasp was a giant pvp zone. People fought in order to get a raid dungeon and items. This zone was even scaled down in the sense of number of players able to attend the battle at any given time. Tol Barad, I did not personally play this pvp zone a lot, due to the fact that I were more or less inactive throughout the Cataclysm, but again it was the rewards driving people. Who would've fought in either of these zones if there weren't for the rewards? People rarely cared about the dailies there.

    So no. It was not the flying mounts who killed world pvp, it was the community and their mentality. If I were to start a Cross-roads world pvp team right now, I doubt I would see any high level Hordes attending later on (I am Alliance).

    Oh, one more thing. Who have their /world defense channel turned on? Oh, you do not know what it is? Ok. How do you know if a fight breaks out in location X if you do not have either /local defense or /world defense enabled? Trade chat? It's all because of the community. Rewards, rewards, rewards and some more rewards. That is all the community wants. If there's no rewards, then there's no reason for them to do it either.

    I still cannot see why Blizzard isn't increasing the honor gain in the world, something they reduced by a lot a couple years back. Honor isn't really what's driving people, but if it did give you a large enough incentive to actually go out there, then people would do so. Adding in achievements, quests, dailies, phased areas, organized yelling by town guards or something that is attached to the world, people might have a reason to do it. Do you see flying mounts being part of either of these? Flying mounts more or less only fixed the flaw where higher level people would gank whomever they found in an area. People are often to scared of trying to fight someone who is actually their own level, unless they actually know what they're doing.

    I could've continued writing for hours, but I really need to get back to writing my report.

    My final sentences would be the following; Fix the community and you'll fix a lot of problems. Fixing the community is impossible. Therefore, the game will be broken in most peoples eyes, because they have expectations Blizzard cannot fulfill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gobra View Post
    Why do you believe this? It's true, if people wanted it, they would get it, On my realm we have tons of World PvP, battles all the time, Hallaa is still active and we have alot of city raids,
    Why? Because we wanted it, so we decided to organise it.
    The point of WPvP is it's unorganized. If I wanted to do organized PvP I'd just go do a battleground.

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    If you want 'unorganized' PVP, don't complain when no one turns up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matchu View Post
    If you want 'unorganized' PVP, don't complain when no one turns up.
    Why can't I complain? That's the equivalent of saying if you're for gay marriage, don't complain when people don't get married.

    That's actually a horribly inaccurate analogy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strakha View Post
    PVP Realms are a sub-par game experience in general. Who wants to be randomly attacked by a mob of people? Not fun at all. "World PVP" usually consists of 4-5 guys kicking the crap out of 1 person. I used to play on Kil'jaeden til end of WOTLK and I don't miss leaving that PVP Realm at all, the raiding was amazing, but the ganking was not.
    Yeah becouse that never happen when there was only ground mount, every battle was fair and even and people never ganged up on anyone, ohh wait it was just as bad back then

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    If you want 'spontaneous' PVP, go to any daily zone, find people, attack them. Grab a hardened Shell to help.

    But anyone who played in Vanilla can attest that flying mounts didn't kill WPVP, it was Battlegrounds; they offer a much easier way to engage in PVP combat which Arenas supplemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clbembry View Post
    The point of WPvP is it's unorganized. If I wanted to do organized PvP I'd just go do a battleground.
    No, the point of WPvP is to have a bunch of people fighting each other, without the needs to be in a BG, where you have to catch a flag, or kill a boss, where you can just have as many people as you want, and all have fun, BGs are nowhere near as much fun as WPvP

    And just because you organize an event, doesn't mean in any way that it will be an organized fight lol, You will have un even numbers of people coming, and it all adds to the wonderful chaos of WPvP

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    I would like someone to explain to me how Flying didn't hurt WPVP.
    Very simple my dear:

    If I hear WPvP I think about those legendary Tarrens Mill <-> Southshore fights that lasted for hours. These fights were orchestrated by people WANTING to do PvP for the PvPs sake. If I'm not mistaken these kind of fights died with the release of Battlegrounds, mainly due to the fact that you needed battleground commendations in order to buy your gear. The result was, that people spent their playing time in instanced battlegrounds in order to get said gear instead of in the open world.

    Now the people complaining here are not these kind of WPvPers. They are the nasty kind that want to gank helpless targets. This Sort of PvP consists of people that DO NOT WANT to PvP in that moment.
    E.g.: Target fights with a mob, sits at 20% HP, rogue comes and kills him.
    Back in the day they would have made a futile attempt to escape via ground mount. Today they can escape via flying.

    If both parties actually WANT to PvP, no one would get their mount and try to escape. They would just fight.

    Bottom line:
    Flying mounts didn't damage the WPvP, the rewards and currency from BGs did.
    Mounts did make the ganking of unwilling targets harder, which I consider a good thing in my book.
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    Because like with everything else, ppl moan at blizz. I want this, I want that!!! Then Blizz implement it. Then a wave of "Why did you do this Blizz, you ruined MY game"

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    Quote Originally Posted by clbembry View Post
    T That pretty much single-handedly almost partially ruined World PvP. It's still there and it's still fun but it's not there as much and it's not as fun.
    ^^ This here sounds to me someone is missing ganking afker's
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