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    A follow-up to my "I'm giving up" dailies acceptance thread

    as some of you may have noticed, a few weeks ago, I posted a thread about how i've decided to no longer force myself to not do dailies I don't enjoy, and instead just focus on the things that I do enjoy. I reached acceptance about dailies, I no longer felt like I needed to do them, and it was a revelation for me.

    and this week, the most unlikely followup happened. I actually started enjoying them again, without thinking how I should spend my time otherwise. I cannot find a term for this that can suit the feelings I have. it's almost like i'm... enlightened, to use a religious term. I realize that the dailies are not needed, but i also realize that they can be enjoyable. I feel this peace of mind that's slowly filling me, changing my emotional states. I am actually enjoying the game again, the entire game and not a part of it.

    to be honest, I thought this feeling would come, but it came so soon and unexpected. doing these dailies is fun again, and that's what matters to me now.

    I'm rediscovering myself every day, and honestly, that's all I want.
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    I did the exact same thing. I can't stand to walk past an NPC with an exclamation mark (I'm not kidding here... I did the all the zone-specific Azeroth Loremaster achievements after doing the continent-level ones), so I just fell into a pattern of doing every daily every day, I got burnt-out within a week.

    After a moment of clarity, I decided to limit myself to a couple of hubs a day and mix things up as I went, and although it'll take me a lot longer to get all those mounts (which are the only faction rewards I care about), I'm having a lot more fun doing it.

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    Well sometimes you just need a break from doing things, pretty normal.

    Now if only the rest of the people complaining like little girls will have the same rediscovery like yourself

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    I stopped doing dailies. Then I was removed from my raid group because I had no rep gear.

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    yes, if you dont consider them mandatory they are a lot easier too get through.

    i myself finished pandaren ambassador today and find myself still doing dailies cause im still enjoying them. (well except the shado pan ones)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SooFaded View Post
    I stopped doing dailies. Then I was removed from my raid group because I had no rep gear.
    So you was removed from a raid group for not putting in the effort that was expected f you? Yea, the sucks.

    Personally I stopped doing dailies after I reached revered. But in my guild people is not choosen based on ilvl, it's a mature guild 18+ and people is not chosen based on dps or gear. We are struggeling with Elegoin normal though (25man guild). But hey, that's the kind of guild I play in and I love it.

    Personally I am very bored of all content in wow now exept raids that I love! The raids totally make up for all the other crappy stuff and the inzane high monthly fee.

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