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    Thumbs up JSHB & Shot Priorities

    I need some feedback on the new JSHB priority timer set configuration....

    Please go here and contribute if you can: http://soren.com/threads/priority-li...ll-3-specs.82/

    JSHB has undergone a LOT of new changes and has new features (priority system is working well as has been tested for a couple weeks now!)

    I have not pushed this to Curse yet, but will do so when I finish the setup of the bar and proper defaults.

    Helping with feedback and contributing will make this addon much better and easier to use. JSHB has so many features that it's getting very complicated - so I need to make default setups easier for non-techies to use.

    Some of the new features already implemented are:

    Priority settings for timer bars, timers change place based on cooldown and priority.
    Unlocked frames can now be moved to exact positions via slider or direct input of coords.
    Options are now part of JSHB directly and JSHB is now 1 addon.
    Removal of libraries that were not absolutely needed, more to do still.
    Minimap button to unlock and configure JSHB.
    Ramping up of memory is virtually gone with re-used variables. JSHB has no memory leaks, even caused by garbage variables.
    More localization has been done by the community and will be added with the next release.
    Brand new options screen, not part of the default interface options (opens by minimap button or /js /jsb /jshb slash commands)
    JSHB can have all options changed and configured while in combat.

    Soren.com is the default support site now - it makes it easier for me to keep track of things, run polls, etc.

    Thanks everyone, I know JSHB has gotten complex and I am trying to do my best to rectify this!

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    great job man, looking forward to new release!

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    looking at the prio list, wouldn't kill command be at 6? I don't play BM but as surv or MM I know it's generally bad to delay chim or explosive for anything other than maybe MoC and black arrow.
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    Right behind you!
    Will try this out tonight as well. (Blackhand all the way!)

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    Sorry for being abit noobish- but is this change implemented in the current version, or is there any downloadable link anywhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freddiesaurus View Post
    Sorry for being abit noobish- but is this change implemented in the current version, or is there any downloadable link anywhere?
    I misunderstood at first too, he is just asking for feedback on the priority list right now.

    This is a discussion of how the default priority timer setups should be configured...
    (top is highest priority)

    01 - Serpent Sting
    02 - Stampede - if known
    03 - Rapid Fire
    04 - Bestial Wrath
    05 - A Murder of Crows - if known
    06 - Lynx Rush - if known
    07 - Glaive Toss - if known
    08 - Kill Command
    09 - Dire Beast - if known
    10 - Readiness
    11 - Arcane Shot
    12 - Cobra Shot

    So, if spells are all off cooldown, this is how the priority set would be ordered, thus showing that Serpent Sting should be cast first (when cast, Serpent Sting will be move to position 12 and all other timers will be moved up).
    And so on. If all are on cooldown, arcane shot would be at the front of the list.

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    Depends on spec also. SrS isn't as high on the priority list as it was for Survival for example so I presume there should be separate lists for each spec, don't play MM much myself.

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    To be honest, the current BM 'rotation' doesn't really support such a simple priority list. SV, yes, BM, no. Too much stacking and watching for procs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gulder View Post
    To be honest, the current BM 'rotation' doesn't really support such a simple priority list. SV, yes, BM, no. Too much stacking and watching for procs.
    Have to agree with you there, BM is very much of the moment spec to play, always need for looking at cds and such to stack them.

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    Will it factor in trinket procs with Stampede? It's definitely worth waiting for atleast one trinket to proc before you do stampede because you most likely won't get more than 2 anyway, so it's not a problem in most cases to delay it a bit.

    I am also against having longer cooldowns in the priority list since almost all fights have a mechanic where you'd like to wait with using your cooldowns, or atleast don't have them overshadow every other ability in the priority list since if you want to delay the cooldowns, that picture will still show until you pop it, right?

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    Yup, we really don't need the longer CDs in the priority list.

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    As someone who hops around on too many alts, the addition of a priority system is excellent! I frequently have to have noxxic open in the background to remind me of what I should be doing on any given toon I happen to be playing that day Very much looking forward to this coming out.

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    I'd suggest tossing in Black Arrow, Blades and whatelse not. If you want to make a prio system, might as well toss in all abilities.

    NIce job so far I'd say, keep the sweet changes coming!

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    Hey JSorrentino, liking the new update so far! Everything is working like a dream except I can't get one of my bars to show bestial wrath's duration. Have it set to "duration" and show always, but no luck so far. Serpent sting is doing the same thing as well.

    I keep one bar for the rotation spells (glaive, kc etc) and one for cooldowns. Working very well so far.

    edit: oh and tonight my bars like to just disappear sometimes. No idea why... I have to disable bar 1/2 then re enable for them to show uo...
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    I also downloaded the new version, and missing the style settings for the 3 timer bars.
    Where you can configure the iconsize and so on.

    in the previous version it was always found under the specific timerbar as a seperate option, where can i find it?

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