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    Heroic Gara'jal or Sha of Fear 25?

    Better idea to go after Heroic Gara'jal or Sha of Fear normal on 25's?

    We're 2/6H 6/6N 3/4N obviously.
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    I have no idea but, from wut I see loads of guilds on my realm have alrdy downed Sha of Fear, however not as many have done much HC, and those that have are much more hardcore. Tbh I'd go with Gar'jal and then Sha, but then again it doesn't really matter XD

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    Sha. Drops a bunch of weapons and tier, will help with the enrage on gara'jal. Fight is not very hard either.

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    Should go Sha for weapons.

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    sha is a very simple fight, and as people said gives you tier and weapons that will help you get gara'jal hc down.

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