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    I very vividly remember the first time Domo summoned Rag and he popped up out of the lava, twas very cool.

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    Seeing him come together is the same in the 10, 25, and 40 man raids... why is the 40 man part important? Most people saw it for the 1st time in the WotLK version.

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    When cataclysm launched and we went to throne of the tides, and unexpectingly Commander Ulthok jumps out of the roof screaming in his high pitched voice.

    That was funny.

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    They had the potential to do that "feeling" with Deathwing, and then they completely ballsed that up... Last time I felt "holy shiz OMG" was prob Alagon, simple awe there. Nothing in Cata was really spectacular. Rag w/ Legs was a cool fight and such, but he looked just so silly with the legs, it kinda killed the moment. Elegon looks pretty, but no awe factor.

    TBC has a bunch for me, Illidan, KT, Archimonde, KZ were all like HOLY CRAP. Wish they would of done more with LK, him just sittin there was kinda of a let down. Honestly, it's the little animations and presence that makes a fight "feel like Sapp" or w/e. Imagine if Sindragosa came down with like wind animations and an Icy, forboding Aura around her, then she'd look badass, instead of everyone remembering "LET YOUR MAGIC CONSUME YOU" or w/e it was, I had sound muted.

    In MV/HoF, all the bosses are just sitting there waiting for us, besides like Elegon. How they present themselves makes them feel powerful and such. Feng the Accursed seems like a panzy cause he's just standing there AFK, while Archimonde was kinda killing the world tree and shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amsden View Post
    Seeing him come together is the same in the 10, 25, and 40 man raids... why is the 40 man part important? Most people saw it for the 1st time in the WotLK version.
    He clearly wanted to let everyone know how cool he was lol.

    OT i haven't really had that feeling lately, but one for sure was seeing Raggy emerge from his pool with legs.. i had seen it in videos beforehand but seeing it in person was pretty amazing.

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    We were stuck on Patchwerk
    Anyone ever notice how the sun seems to shine silverish now? Didn't it used to shine goldish? PM me if you've noticed this.
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    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    The feeling I got while raiding with my guild against Yogg-Saron Zero light was seriously a good one.
    My heart was pumping throughout the fight, and it was seriously fun attempting to bring this monster down.

    My second one would actually be against XT-001 believe it or not. I don't know what it is about this fight, but when we where going against him for the first time in both Normal and Hard mode, it was seriously extremely fun and heart pumping.

    My third one would be most bosses from Karazhan. Excellent dungeon and fun bosses.
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    I remember very well the first time I saw Sapphiron 40man.

    And it is because of the utter high it was beating the 4 horsemen just minutes before.

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    Kael Thas fight in Tempest keep was the last time I pretty much had that epic feeling, when he lifted everyone up and busted the windows around hm... at the time it was amazing... loads of MMO and Blizzard themselves have outdone it now, but at the time it was awesome then and hold a special place in my memories

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    wow i dont think i could play the same game day in day out for 8 years or however long its been, i doubt anyone is pretending when they say they raided then, theres nothing 'cool' about it. That said i still love naxx even if the first time i saw it was in wotlk, and i was amazed the first time i saw sapphiron. Was more amazed by Yog though.

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    There was never a moment in raiding after vanilla that gave me goosebumps like sapphirons formation, Vaels speech in BWL, Domo summoning rag in MC, and turning the corner in AQ40 to see C'thun.

    Or so I thought...Illidan Stormrage was a fight that brought that feeling back.

    The final moment was Algalon in wotlk.

    Cata and pandaria raids fail in that department.
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    I played pretty much ALL of Vanilla (Feb. 2005) and never saw Naxx (Other than it just floating there, menacingly. So I never really got the feeling you're talking about. However, Kael'thas and his window-smashing was pretty epic.

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    The bridge to Lady Vashj was great.

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    40man raids had such a different feel to them - all in a good way might I add. I can still remember downing each boss for the very first time in MC (Ragnaros: best. kill. ever.), BWL (Chromagus took 3ish weeks to down), AQ40 (C'Thun: I still hate you), and the bit of Naxx (Patchwerk: don't even get me started) that I got to experience. There was such a sense of accomplishment after having spent a week or two - hell, sometimes a whole month - on a SINGLE BOSS. That aspect of the game has been long gone since WotLK.

    People complained about TBC being too hard, which it was. But I would much rather have encounters that require you to think and work collectively as a group than what the game is at now. Facerolling content in a matter of days is not appealing to me. It is not challenging. Where did the feeling of an epic item actually being epic go? You had to compete for gear! You had to compete to be allowed in raids!

    I did not pay to be handed gear, I payed to be handed a game that was worth playing - luckily I quit 2 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldbear View Post
    Just wondering.
    I also remember me thinking "Here goes my month of Cold Resist farm potions...".

    Sapphiron was BEAUTIFUL but the amount of farm needed for this instance was beyond insanity. Just remember how much A SINGLE wipe cost on Loatheb.

    I don't find it right now but for our first pull of Sapphiron we must have had our entire screen filled with buffs (ZA, pots, Onyxia buff, Cold resist, Waterfall (winterspring stuff?), ...)

    That fight was awesome, but no more shit like that please

    As for "lately", I remember myself quite thrilled when I met Ragnaros again, especially in Heroic mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldbear View Post
    Just wondering.
    I wasnt raiding that far in Vanilla. I was raiding ZG,MC and AQ20 with some few bosses BWL.

    Most impressive moments when I walked/pulled it there for the first time was to be honest Illidan, Sinestra, Kaelthas, Yogg.

    On Sinestra 25 man our first kill it was huuuge "satisfaction" on mumble. Was wiping on her or like a month I think. Still nothing comparable with Kaelthas prenerf. I think like 3 months of wipefest

    Also my first raiding week in ICC was pretty awesome. Was soo waiting to kill Lich King so the first few weeks of it was really impressive to me.
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    haven't since sunwell

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    No, I'm happy the encounters aren't that bugged anymore, as Sapphiron 40m was.

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    because if you saw it at 40 and 25 man you would know they are far from the same. its not about the animation its about the difficulty and the experience.

    that said, LK 25m hardmode was pretty epic but that was a few years ago. somebody else mentioned rag heroic. i was really impressed with alyrazor hm. I quit in DS but I think all of WOTLK had the greatest instances. ulduar and ICC were perfectin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekrosislol View Post
    Curious why there is emphesis on the 40man part of the title. You know his animation stayed the same in the later versions?
    Because it came first.

    Also, Kael'Thas Sunstrider. The first time I saw him Go into his levitation phase was awesome. Had seen it on videos, but to experiance it for the first time was awesome.
    When have I eva been able to reach a mage? He just freeze me, blink, freeze himself, make big dragonhead and confuse me, blink etc etc.

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