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    The most epic moment for me in WoW was when I heard Kel'thuzad speak to Lich King in the old Naxxramas. I'm a big Scourge fan, so yeah, best WoW moment for me!

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    Here's a top 10 boss encounters of all time I wrote:
    For someone that did the fights back when the mattered you sure are out of touch with what takes skill and what doesn't. Silly list and you should be ashamed.

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    I will say that walking into the Mantid Queen's chamber in HoF (LFR lolol) was one of the coolest feelings I've had in awhile. It gave me the same feeling as when going up against the Old Gods in a way, like some kind of "oh fuck what dark Cthulhu shit did I stumble upon here" feeling. Hopefully going against the Sha of Fear will give the same feeling (even though I heard he's easy sauce, but I'm going in LFR anyways so meh).

    Other than that, I will also say going with my guild to kill the Whale Shark, only to have the tank be killed almost instantly and be forced to kite the damm thing half way across Vashj'ir was also pretty crazy.
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    gharld fu cked name,all my friends are playing on this patch and its going fine,u fu cking ugly kid go comment ur mother face not here, morron shit.
    He's right. I should go comment my mother face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakera View Post
    For someone that did the fights back when the mattered you sure are out of touch with what takes skill and what doesn't. Silly list and you should be ashamed.
    Well you can see the insanity when he starts describing C'tun as too hard for the instance, mentions the days of people in T2 when C'thun was impossible to even be killed until the day where he got fixed and promptly killed 3 months after his release thus everyone being in T2.5, rates it down because of that and gives the skill factor a 6/10 where Huhuran gets 9/10

    You can guess which boss made people insane :P
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    even though i had seen videos i thought sapphiron was pretty cool in naxx during wotlk, i also thought kel thuzad was aweomse. i thought all of naxx was awesome, one of my top 5 favorite raids id say.

    other ones that were memorable to me was hakkar in 20 man zg. our guild rarely pve'd outside of 5 mans and the occasional UBRS run but we decided on nights that pvp wasnt happening we'd give some of the 20 mans a try. ZG turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences as a guild we ever experienced. after a few weeks worth of wipes leading up to hakkar we finally got to him and once we killed him it was glorious.

    prince malchezzar was also a memorable one. karazhan was just an epic raid. like i mentioned we never really pve'd a whole lot but the smaller 10 man raid was very appealing to us so we casually made our progress through this place and after a few weeks we finally traveled up the spire to see this hulking eredar pacing back and forth. finally killing him after surviving all those terrible rng placed infernals was quite satisfying.

    and who could forget the lich king? this guy was someone who i had been wondering about since the end of TFT. the ending video of that game left me wondering, whats going on with him? he looked dead with all the ice crystals formed on his armor and sword. i unfortunately missed the pre wrath events due to work but from what i read i would have loved it. northrend was an amazing continent, a colorful somewhat peacful place opposite of the destruction and fury of outlands. i enjoyed being taunted by the lich king on my journey from 70 to 80, a lot of people thought this ruined the immersion for when they intially saw the lich king but i enjoyed it. finally killing him and seeing the cut scene brought a sense of satisfaction and basically closed all of the loose ends of the last warcraft rts. which i suppose is a major reason i cared little for Cata, with the exception of Cho'Gall, who they killed off in the first tier, and Deathwing, who i thought they did a piss poor job on his last fight, the main bosses were uninteresting to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akraen View Post
    Here's a top 10 boss encounters of all time I wrote:
    holy shit its akraen, i didnt know you were a poster on mmo-c

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    How was Huhuran hard? Keep the ppl in the poison wall alive to keep healers safe and gg ? I guess traveling to Maraudon for the trinket was the hardest part about that fight.

    I dont know but when I think about it, like I already posted Sapphiron was special but seeing Khel'thuzad was even more so for me. Months and months of herbing/farming/wiping and you were finally at the last boss. I even had to switch guilds during naxx because our Maintanks got stolen by the guild I moved to for their 4 Horseman kill. It all came together for me when we pulled KT for the first time, with my 5 man party which I had to protect as one of 8 priests in raid. [b]For the first time you were being attacked from all sides[b], loved being cornered like that, that urge of really defending your raid against what KT was throwing at you from those cool portals.....I still don't know though why sometimes we were onshotted when we moved into the circle @ the start of that fight ;x.

    I must say it wasn't really the last time that I felt a bit like that; when we were finally standing in front of Illidan, finally beating our old alliance rivals who had been realm first in every Vanilla kill+Vashj (and who took that nr1 spot over again in Sunwell/wotlk), I again had that feeling of really finishing an expansion in style. Phase 2 was amazing and Ph3 as well fighting together with Maiev. I feel the (near) endbosses of vanilla/TBC were much better designed (lorewise/bossdesign/tacs/the room of the fight itself) for that wow factor than the rest of the expacs.

    Wotlk started with the butchery of Naxx, boring bosses, vehicle boss Malygoss which I detest. Never a wow factor for me. Didn't like the vibe of the whole expansion. Yes I guess I was pretty used to it all and of course it's hard to get excited when you've been playing the game that long. Vanilla was all new of course, but TBC didn't feel that much worse, wotlk did. There was one reedeeming factor I guess: I quit serious raiding for the first time in wow after our normal Yogg kill, But from what I've seen on youtube, the whole room disappearing @ the Algalon fight was amazing design. Lich King didn't do anything at all for me.

    Then came Cataclysm, no wow factor at all for me, even a cry factor when I saw the Deathwing fight, pretty sad. The recycling and portaling of Dragonsoul bored me out of my mind as well. The Maws I already been to in Twilight Highlands questing and Dragonblight I knew all too well. a Gunship again? Bleh. Being on the back on DW was cool I guess but I had seen so many crappy stuff I didn't really care at that point.

    For some reason the mantid stuff is really lighting this old wow fire for me lorewise. I feel a bit like stepping into old Naxx when I zone into Heart of Fear (a little bit yes). Great atmosphere so I hope this continues.
    So to answer the threadquestion :P It's been a few years but I'm starting to gain some of that feeling again! (Ofc it doesn't even come close but bla bla)
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    Lich king.
    Deathwing ( JOKKEEEEE)

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    It's only so rmemorable because it was an all new thing back then to have a recognizable boss have such an introduction. Ragnaros had this big explosion, and Nefarian flew down with the dust all over the place, but neither of them were recognized Warcraft characters. Sapphiron was because of Warcraft 3. On top of that it was the first time a Frost Wyrm was seen in-game, and me being the big pre-Wotlk Scourge fanboy I am I was simply drooling when I saw it for the first time. On top of that he was huge, and the environment was just as breath-taking. Thing is that Sapphiron was a new thing back then. Today we have all sorts of cool bosses, but I'd say that while Ragnaros set the standard for final bosses' epic factor, Sapphiron, even though not the final boss, set the bar even higher.

    Today people are much more sceptical for whatever reason, back then the game didn't have that high standards, so I guess we were easy to surprise, seeing that we found such a simple animation so awesome.

    I personally think that there are three bosses that exceed Sapphiron in epicness factor though, and that's Nefarian in BWL, Yogg-Saron and Ragnaros in Firelands.
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    I only raided 40 mans for a few months back in the day, I was a fair bit more casual back then. The first time I saw Rag on my rogue, I was like, "...Damn." Ended up getting my t2 pants either that night or the one after, I was rather pleased at that.

    I got giddy as hell the first time I was heading to fight Algalon. I'd watched the world first kill video and just fell in love with the fight, and I finally got to do it a little before ICC came out. So I didn't get to do it when it was current content, but it was still fairly challenging. Still one of my favorite fights in the game, and it still gives me chills.

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    Yes, it's also when I met Error#134 and was forced to update my superb video card of 64MB to a 256

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    Didn't see Saph 40man but I think the feeling you are referring to is defeating cho'g falling through the ground and suddenly this big mofo dragon came out of a pit, or rag disappearing and then the floor is being destroyed and his legs appear, is a great feeling knowing you made it to "that point" in the game
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    Heroic Zorlok prenerf was super epic.

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    Ah i remember the days of naxx. My old mage which is long deleted had Atiesh. The months of wipes we had on saph and kel thuzad were one of the best moments to me in wow history to me. The enjoyment of taking 5 of my best friends into strathholme and killing that elite thus getting a peice (or the entire) staff was awesome. I miss naxx40 and aq40 and etc. Although my favorite boss in the entire game has to be illidan or yogg saron
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