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    hi there arena 2's atm i play with rl friends and have done so over many seasons now but looking to start doing 3's with ppl i dont know as friends only want to pts cap and not push for rating ( i no arena in bad way atm but id still like to play) where is the best place ( if any ) to list name or see ppl looking for ppl to join there team? ive tryed spaming in trade for a week or so when ive been on but i get nothing bak
    any feedback be great thx

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    If your only goal is CP cap, why would you need a 3's team if you've already got a 2's team?

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    my FRIENDS i play with only want to cap pts
    i would like to push for rating and more than 7-10 games a week

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    Setup your profile and check out others and send them messages if they interest you. You can filter by max rating achieved/class/spec as well so you're not sifting through the players you're not interested in.

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    thanks kalysun will check it out now

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