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    ZOMGBuffs Replacement

    For those unfamiliar with the mod, and wondering what I'm looking for, ZOMGBuffs allowed you to bind a key to cast missing, specified buffs (self and raid-wide ones): DI/Unending Breath/Twilight Ward for warlocks, Kings if no druid and Might if there is one for paladins, etc. It was a very handy mod but the authors seem to have abandoned it in favour of their other projects / haven't logged into Curse in months so it's time to move on.

    If there's a replacement out there, even in alpha stages, I'd love to know about it.
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    check out SmartBuff, maybe it provides what you need

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    There is a version of ZOMG that's 99% MoP compatible, go to the "Project Site" page, click the "Files" tab. The most recent ones are alpha-test versions. However, they still have one bug that I've found. It's using "GetNumPartyMembers" and "GetNumRaidMembers" - a search/replace on those to turn them into "GetNumGroupMembers" should fix the only bug that BugGrabber/BugSack sees. Beyond that, I haven't really looked. I did get most my usefulness of the addon back with that.
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    I did that and I'm still getting errors. I'd create a ticket but there's really no point since none have been answered in ages and the Curse page is being ignored as well.

    SimpleSelfRebuff seems to be doing the trick for me so far.
    This concept of wuv confuses and infuriates us.

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