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    In the case of SWTOR, my main was a trooper. I made him body type 3 because the voice doesn't really seem right to me on a body type 2 and the look I was going for on my trooper didn't really look well on the 2nd body type. Also, since I went commando, it only made sense to be some massive soldier.

    To answer your question for games in general, most male characters are made to look strong and physically fit because it's more epic. Smaller characters are looked at as weak and less appealing for quite a few of roles. You wouldn't want someone in a military game to be small, would you? It wouldn't make much sense.

    If you want to see less bulky characters, find a game with spell casters and stealthy classes where the character being smaller makes more sense for that role.

    Just the way I see it.

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    Was it wrong to question his question? I even made it a point to use wording like his to capture the same tone...
    starting your own thread in his thread was wrong

    so stop doing it

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    Depends what class am i going to play, for warrior like characters i like to choose a big male because it fits the role and armor tends to look pretty badass on a giant hulk like character.

    For a mage or something i normally go for a female character, just personally preference i guess.

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    Actually one of the main reasons I didn't like SWTOR aesthetically was because I thought the male characters were too bulky. I like both male and female characters (with a preference for male) but one of the main conditions for me choosing female over male is if the body of the male is too hulk-like. I toned is okay, but even that is pushing it a little. Me no want muscle head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Temporary Poster View Post
    Why do you guys like to play male characters that are bulky, massive ?

    Noticed this alot in swtor back in the day, where the nr. 3 body (the musclebound), was most popular among trooper players, looking a lot like a clone army.
    Rift has its bahmi and WoW has tauren.

    So why ? What's with the the fascination for looking like a house ?
    I tend to play fighter-type classes, and the larger, more physically imposing races look like a natural fit for that kind of class. That said, I played undead when I played WoW, who were the slimmest and one of the smallest races on the Horde side. When I was Alliance, I played dwarves

    That said, the ridiculously huge, musclebound races are probably to an extent wish fulfillment, too.
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    When I think of the 'get it done, actions are louder than words, man of action' the image that comes to my head isn't someone who looks like they'd need help with any task involving 50lbs or more. I think this is where most of my dislike for Japanese anime comes from as well...I just don't identify weak body types and sulking, starving artist looks as being capable of the things they pull off.

    Also, I'm a big dude irl, so choosing to play as a skinny/small person would feel very un-me (although Dwarves in WoW had a gruffness and personality I liked).

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    I prefer any caster/healing type classes to be female. Melee/hunter classes are male for me. The only exception is any melee/caster hybrid (paladins) are usually male for me, and rogues/monks can go either gender depending on the race!

    As for SWTOR I always went with body type 3 as the other two were to small for the voice actors imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfInvocation View Post
    Why do people pick very girly female characters (Aka. not dwarf females for examples)????

    Walking around like it's a barbie world??

    Had no choice when I rolled my pally, the BE males are just gay.

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    I prefer sleek, slender, stealthy models.
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    When it came to the type-3 body in SWTOR, I think most people were just playing their role as it seemed fit.

    When you think of a Republic Trooper, you think of a well-fit, muscled, almost action hero type of guy hauling around a big ass gun. Or when you think of a Sith Warrior, you think of an intimidating stature with a commanding presence similar to Darth Vader or Malgus. The type-3 body represents that for alot of people.

    I personally do not like to play large sized characters unless they are lean, like Night Elves. I played a type-1 body Jedi Knight in SWTOR and spent most of my years in WoW as an Undead. I like to view my character as an extension of myself. But many other people like to fancy themselves as something more in a video game.

    The thing I never quite understood, is why so many guys like to play female characters. But that's a topic for another thread.
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    I think they just overcompensating. I can't stand big bulky male characters, especially warriors and play only female characters (usually warriors, yes) myself.
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    I don't care much about these things. But I could never imagine myself playing Tauren/Draenei. Despite of what posting in the other thread about what type of player I am, I want my character to look 'old'. I'd prefer to see the 'weigth of the world' on my characters face. Never been much of a steroid monster or ladyboi fan.

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    When I play a melee fighter archetype, I like him to be big and strong. It signals that he's capable of holding his own, it makes it more realistic to see me wielding classic massive video game 2 handers.

    I never play out of proportion though, but a 60kg, 1m70 warrior wielding a double bladed axe the size of his torso breaks immersion for me.

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    Well I have to admit that I am the exact opposite of that guy that likes to play bulky male characters. I even selected a female Spartan in Halo 4 multiplayer. However I have not seen anyone in MP that had no male !! Don´t know why.

    Not a single female Spartan IV till now ... If you consider how many matches I played this is crazy.

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    In my case i tend to model cgaracters after my role. However alot of it is the whole "big strong big macho" mindset. At least IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temporary Poster View Post
    Why do you guys like to play male characters that are bulky, massive ?

    Noticed this alot in swtor back in the day, where the nr. 3 body (the musclebound), was most popular among trooper players, looking a lot like a clone army.
    Rift has its bahmi and WoW has tauren.

    So why ? What's with the the fascination for looking like a house ?
    Like the first post said, when I play a game usually RPG since I'm a RPG maniac, I like the warrior characters or the warrior class if its an mmorpg or something with class support.

    I just like it, I don't have any fascination I like the berserking warrior thing.

    I also like small funny character like a Goblin.


    I don't why people like to play the bland cute characters either, like making a belf and calling it Lëgolás because Legolas was taken already by another belf.

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    It depends on what class the character is going to be.

    Warrior classes are male, and usually the biggest I can be. Especially if it's a tank.
    Stealth classes are either male or female, slim and/or short body types.
    Caster classes are mostly male, tall and thin.
    Pet classes (i.e. WoW Hunter) are female, tall and toned, not thin and not Tank Heavy.
    Healers are female, usually short, with the hair as long as it can be (or bald if that happens to look good).

    Because that's what those roles look like in my mind.

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    because for manny people

    Bulky character = Warrior type class, heavy melee fighter
    Agile boddy = Fast scouts, Assasins, archers.
    Old, or scrawny characters = Wizzards.

    also, for me atleast, i like to make characters that kind-of looks like me irl. for that same reason i don't have any mages, only cloth class i got is an orc warlock, but thats more for lore reason.

    normaly i play either nightelf or human, because i'm a mix between that. after i stopped working out as much, i've probably moved closer from human warrior to nightelf hunter now. Mainly because the hunter have allways been my main character, and i like shooting things, but also because of the above. I'm weird, i know

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    I normally don't like those 'hulk' style characters but there has been one game where it felt right, for certain character types anyway. City of Heroes. Nothing says SMASH quite like a massive super strength, invulnerability Brute or tank

    Even though I've not played that game for a long time I'm still disappointed it's being canned by NCSoft for Blade and Soul #savecoh.

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    Bahahaha that 3rd body type in SWTOR made me lol so hard, even moreso than the fat ass one (I want to say #4?)

    Made it easier to spot the kids and social rejects with self-image issues.

    I mean really, the proportions on that body type made WoW models look anatomically accurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by blackblade View Post
    The problems in SWTOR with bodies 1 and 2 is they were a tad "too" small.

    There wasn't a happy medium between 2 and 3.
    There was no happy medium whatsoever. The problem was that, like many things about that game, they had no clue what they were doing. Pretty much any game that gives you customizable body types gives you minor varieties and/or many options. Here's what TOR gives you:
    1) Normal
    2) Super emaciated, hasn't seen food in YEARS
    3) So ridiculously 'roided out and topheavy that his legs would give out and he wouldn't be able to turn his upper body
    4) Ubermegaobesefattiness, would be out of breath after a single swing of a lightsaber. Hell, this guy should stop and catch his breath every 50 feet you run. MAH IMMERSION
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