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    1. I kind of look like that in RL (bigger dude)
    2. Get bigger bang for your buck on visuals from Armor/Weapon upgrades

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temporary Poster View Post
    Why do you guys like to play male characters that are bulky, massive ?

    Noticed this alot in swtor back in the day, where the nr. 3 body (the musclebound), was most popular among trooper players, looking a lot like a clone army.
    Rift has its bahmi and WoW has tauren.

    So why ? What's with the the fascination for looking like a house ?
    because they are sexy :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pion View Post
    because they are sexy :3
    He's a brick . . . . hoooooooooooooooooooooooooouse
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhar View Post
    Bahahaha that 3rd body type in SWTOR made me lol so hard, even moreso than the fat ass one (I want to say #4?)

    Made it easier to spot the kids and social rejects with self-image issues.
    If anyone's a social reject, it's the guy who thinks people choosing a body type makes them a social reject. You can't be serious. The fact of the matter is, male Trooper voice worked best with body type 3, and leader-ly types, or at least commando types, always look like that. Anyone who says otherwise is bullshitting.

    When I choose a character (and I would think a lot of people), I'm really not thinking about my self-image and how I might be perceived by other people. I pick what I find the most aesthetically pleasing to whatever persona my character is, which is a great aspect in SWTOR (since you get your own personality with the decisions you make and all). If anyone, anyone is thinking about their self-image, or if anyone is naive enough to believe that everyone does it, then they themselves have the issues.
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    I hate the hulk sized character, I really do.

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    using the swtor body type example ... male type 1 and 2 just looked wimpy and bleh. My first toon was a type 3 sith warrior. I tried to do a type 2 to roll the other advanced class, and it just felt wrong. Now, I do use type 4 (fatty) for a few males toons, and it feels right. I also play a lot of female toons, and again, with swtor, I exclusively play type 4 body type, you know, the womanly one, hourglass figure (no fatty/bbw models for the ladies). On WoW, I played a lot of classes, but prefered the human female, though the belf female was my first. My tauren was a male, as well as orc, undead, worgen, dwarf, gnome, etc. I played what looked right for the class/spec, or just race/gender that looked best.

    You would find most people pick on aesthetic pleasure or personal identification or role-play (big warrior, skinny healer) stereotypes.

    Just be happy, other people are playing the game you enjoy and supporting the developer, and keeping the game world active. If you want to be a type 3 female in swtor, I may O.O a bit to myself, but am glad you made a choice you are happy with ... same with a type 1 male ... both are equally disturbing to me, but whatever floats your boat ... like female dwarves in wow.

    @ Drakhar

    1) not normal, average 'fit' maybe. 'normal' would be somewhere between type 2 and type 4 for U.S. and EU.
    2) yes, a certain dictator in ww2 would be proud, though, I know people like that, they eat a lot, their metabolism is just on meth or something
    3) no, when I 'hit the gym' regularly, this is my body type, no 'roids, no anything, besides just lifting some weights. You've probably never seen a 'roided out person ... you'd need acne, and much, much bigger arms and legs.
    4) no, you apparently never watches a 'World's Strongest Man' competition ... this body type is quite common, and VERY strong. They could knock you out with a flick of their pinky, seriously. The fatty is in shape, and could probably lift your car and push it into a lake while you talk shit about them being a fatty.

    I find the SWTOR models very accurate and refreshing that not everyone was a clone, variety in body type in a race is a good thing. WoW ... hunchback orcs, hunchback undead, hunchback tauren. Orc males make type 3 swtor males look weak, tauren are huge.

    AION has the best customization ... too bad the game wasn't polished.

    If you didn't like SWTOR, that is one thing, but bashing it, then saying WoW is better, is not just an overstatement, it is false and I call shenanigans. WoW's models have much to be desired, and I liked the game, quit after a month or so of MoP, but don't think it is bad. Just like you need to contain your hate, and stuff it somewhere inside you, deep down, or just let it go; either way ... I'm just having fun with ya and hope you have fun with whatever you are playing

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    I can only speak from my pov but when I play a warrior type character, he'll be bulky/massive, I can relate/understand a bit more to the warrior this way and that's kind of the point of rpg's. When I play a mage/thieve he'll be slim and agile. And to really answer your question, yes most guys want to be big and hulk (on some level) like so they play one in games.
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    I feel alone then when i say Always model the character i'm playing after myself, there is never really an exception, so based on that ill always pick the athletic small guy.

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    I like to make bulky priests or mages, I had a Bahmi cleric in Rift and a dinosaur man priest in my TERA trial. No idea why I do that.

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