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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyaldee View Post
    That's some miserable honor reward, hope it gets buffed.
    Miserable honor for a daily quest? When a great AV awards you 500 honor, that's pretty damn good. (Especially since there are like, 5 - 7 dailies and ALL the honor you get from doing Wintergrasp itself.

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    Yay! This will make gearing alts way less of a pain. Nothing is more frustrating that doing BG's in Pvp blues (or worse if you can't afford them). Tol Barad is already a god send with a free 600 honor if you sit on wins.

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    so , why hasn't a blue respowned to this yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkdejager View Post
    so , why hasn't a blue respowned to this yet?
    Most likely because its still being tested, WG was extremely unstable when I was testing it, people crashing liek crazy, Thats why I think it may not push live this patch. I had a hard time just getting a tank to the keep cause of it. I think there was some phasing/CRZ shit going on but it was hard to tell.

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    It's good but will it have cross realm que? Or it will suck on umbalanced servers?

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    It could be an early test for how they're gonna turn it into an actual battleground. They've been talking about turning WG and TB into BGs several times over the past couple of months.
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    I hope this is true. I don't PvP, but this seems like a good idea.
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    Yea blue posted about it being queued for 90 as a separate queue. So the CRZ/phasing thing may be what that was for, just its so buggy atm

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    Wintergrasp always was my favorite BG (alongside Arathi Basin) - sue me now, but I really love big sieges that actually don't feel like stupid mini games with take-turn-antics (looking at you, Strand . . .) !

    Would be really great if it came back !

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    Regardless the fact they are finally making an effort is a glimmer of hope to me. Loved the epic WG battles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broloth View Post
    Miserable honor for a daily quest? When a great AV awards you 500 honor, that's pretty damn good. (Especially since there are like, 5 - 7 dailies and ALL the honor you get from doing Wintergrasp itself.
    This quests aren't dailies, they're aviable only once a week. So yeh at best we'll be visiting it once a week for fast zerg, and that's only if they fixed lag.

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    now make it CRZ, Quests give a huge amount of EXP (like the fishing/cooking daily) and level 80-90 so its always jammed pack with players and it will be a Win in my book.

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    50 per turn in that would need to get buffed higher since they were only weekly quests. I think you got decent honor for a battle though as you got honor for knocking down walls and such. Its been a while, but what will they do with the bosses in there buff them to 90 or leave them?

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    Biggest problem with WG was always faction population imbalance.

    Buffing this for 90s, making it CRZ, give a decent weekly quest - sounds fantastic to me.

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    Some updates

    First pic, WG victorys give 360 honor. You also get 12 honor per tower destroyed

    First 2 pics show demo damage, catapult hitting for 15k ish and ram for 30 k ish

    And as for the honor turn in thing. You get more from WG with this buff then TB. The TB weekly gives 200 honor, theres 4-5 turn ins, based on whether or not WG changes hands, you can do for 75 honor pre turn in. So really this is still an improvement

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    OH and yes this is in CRZ testing I think, I saw others in it, they all got dced though when we won.
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    Thanks for the updates are the bosses still level 80? Let us know how much you get for a loss and if it is crz this could be bad if too many people que we all wont get in, as didnt they cap the limit to how many people could join on one side and then the other side if low pop got those silly buffs for dmg. I remember sometimes alliance on my old server would have like a 20 stack buff and the horde side would be full.

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    didnt try to get into the raid lol, no one to make raid with, I was the only one in WG this time, though I doubt they will buff them I will check if i can next go around

    Juggling playing my live wow account with getting info on this hen its active lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seran View Post
    sure hope they buffed the rewards too... cause if they didn't it wont be worth a shit.....
    On live right now wg gives 300-400 honor for a win with no hks. Even if they don't buff the rewards it is worth it to queue for it over a regular bg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raugnaut View Post
    Unless the turrets/GRPGL have also been buffed, all this does is make it to where 1 lvl 90 player on O can easily win against 5 lvl 90 players on D, rather then the current "smack a siege" it is now.
    Definitely not. Defense has always been quite easy in the super small numbers that WG consists of after it was no longer current. Even with sieges at 6.2m HP in the above SS, it won't live long enough for 1 player to break down any walls if the defenders are being proactive killing it before it gets there. 6.2m really isn't that much for 5 90's.

    But hopefully they make it attractive for people to actually go back and do it, then the numbers won't be so low and it won't matter.

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