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    Astro A40 vs Sennheiser U320

    LF new universal headset, for use on xbox and pc. I know the A40 is the most popular option in the pro gaming community, but i tend to lean toward Sennheiser. Any input?

    Astro A40
    Sennheiser U320

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    If it wasnt "gaming" branded there would probably actually be a sound difference.

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    I have A40's, love them, yadda yadda. Same stuff I say every time I talk about them. They are comfortable, I can wear them all day and never have them hurt my head or be uncomfortable. They are not headphones who people who need deep bass or audiophile sound; they are open-back
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    Agree, A40s are great for gaming and they are comfy as hell, but if you listen to music or anything like that, do yourself a favor and get a pair of Sony Studio Monitor headphones. Sennheisers hurt my head ><

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