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    Windows shortcut issue?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum and I'm also not sure if what I'm gonna describe is the real issue, but this is my best guess.

    I'm using the Logitech G13 and the Razer Naga for WoW. Sometimes when I spam buttons in-game, everything gets messed up. Some of my buttons won't work at all and some have a different behavior when it happens. This issue is then also present when I go back to my windows desktop. For example, when I press "D" on my keyboard in-game, it immediately beams me to the desktop. When I press "F" on my desktop, it opens some "search window"... I cannot write any text any more, as all my keyboard buttons behave differently.

    Normally this happens from time to time, in-game, but if I want to reproduce the issue, I can do it pretty fast... I just have to mindlessly press a lot of buttons simultaneously on my mouse and the G13 and it will happen in a few seconds. I was unable to find out why this happens and why some in-game commands can mess up how windows behaves in general. My guess is that I hit some Win command or shortcut that changes everything, like "alt+shift+x+y" or whatever. I have to reboot to get rid of it.

    I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
    Razer Naga in "Num-mode".
    Logitech G13 where I have assigned the following keys to it "123456789´qertyuiopfghwasd" and ALT and SHIFT.

    Any guess what the problem is or could be?

    (btw. for some other reason I formatted my PC and installed everything new, including Win 7 but the issue is still here)
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    How about resetting your g13 software settings. Most likely u're spamming buttons and activating a macro or a command or enabling sticky keys.

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    Well, as I said I just freshly installed everything. I can delete the profile on my G13 an reassign the keys, it didn't help in the past.
    Just tested it again, cannot produce the issue if I spam only Naga buttons, but it can happen when I spam only G13 buttons.
    I also deleted almost all original WoW keybinds, I have only a few basic ones left, none which include a combination of buttons.

    So these buttons visible here on the G13 screenshot are enough to f*** everything up.

    Basically I'm looking for the command I hit to disable that functionality under windows, if this is the right path. Gonna check the sticky keys thing now...
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    So then go into the configuration for your Naga and change the key (g13?) command to none or to something else.

    Maybe the g13 is set for ctrl or alt and it's messing up when mixed with other keys.

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    I narrowed it down, it's the G13. I opened just a text editor (no WoW) and spammed only the "G-buttons", that's G1 to G22. Spamming individual keys doesn't do a thing, pressing multiple ones messes up my computer, so suddenly the "Run" window popped up and and the system was messed up again. How can the G13 open the "run window", it doesn't even have any special keys assigned to it?? The text editor also clearly shows which buttons I pressed... lol

    I installed the G13 software like 3 hours ago, and as I said I also had this issue before formatting my PC.

    This is confusing... I blame Logitech software for this, unless there's some other reason, but I can't think of any right now.

    Gonna uninstall the G13 software, install it again, assign my keys again, and test it again, but I guess nothing will change. :-)

    No other G13 users here?
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    Windows key + F = Find
    Windows key + D = Desktop
    Windows key + R = Run

    And the list goes on. So by the looks of things your windows key gets stuck somehow. As far as I know there's no way to actually make that happen within windows itself without using 3rd party software, so my best guess would be it's caused by your keyboard software somehow. Try finding something in it that has to do with the windows key?

    Usually stuck keys can be fixed by just tapping them again. That way the keyboard will send the depress signal (or at least that's how it works in my mind :P) and the key will become unstuck. So next time it happens, just try tapping both windows keys and see if that fixes it. I realise it's not a long term solution but at least you won't have to resort to rebooting or anything when it happens again.
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    Ok, gonna check that. The keyboard is also a Logitech (Illuminated Keyboard).

    For now, all I can say: pressing and releasing multiple Keys on the G13 messes up my PC, and not always the same way. I do not even touch my keyboard or my mouse.
    Last test: only pressed (spammed) the Keys G1 to G7, which are equal to the buttons 1 to 7 on my keyboard (as can be seen on the first screenshot on this page). Result: PC messed up. Funny

    Below it's visible how the keys change their functionality by just typing only on them and pressing more than one at once (G1-G7). Suddenly it's like shift is also pressed, for no reason!

    Thanks for the help guys, but I'm gonna take this issue to the Logitech forums now, as I'm pretty sure it's their fault.
    This device cannot handle multiple keys being pressed at once.

    /edit: uninstalled the G13 software, deleted all profiles, scanned and cleaned the registry, reinstalled it, assigned keys 1 to 7 to the G-Keys, spammed them = PC messed up. Doesn't happen if I spam 1-7 on my keyboard.
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