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    What about Pinto?

    He is so adorable!

    Ultramarine for ground and Ashes for flying imo!

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    Swift Zulian Tiger would be my ground-based pride and joy. That and my non-epic Brewfest Ram (yep! 1st Year Brewfest mount, bought with my hand-stamp!)

    Airborne... hmmm... I got Time-Lost, I got Phosphorescent Stone (aka Aeonaxx)... I do like my Thundering Serpent and Onyx Serpent too... but for overall appeal and usefulness, I do like my Argent Hippogryph, closest thing to a flying Paladin mount. I like the smaller mounts, and the hippogryphs are right in there for that.
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    Flying: Ashes of Al'ar
    Ground: Swift Zulian Tiger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Fire Hawk=Best mount imo.

    Wanna know why?

    If you do the Molten Front dailies, you will find out that Fire Hawks are actually dragons and not birds.

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    My favorite mount is still the first ever 100% ground mount I got: the talbuk. I changed it to the dark talbuk because he's black (yep, I'm racist, I prefer my talbuks when they are black.), but I've always held a deep love of talbuks in my heart ^_^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowlance View Post
    Mounts that aren'tdragons are all number 1s
    I second that. We have too many dragon mounts in wow.

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    Best Flyers =
    Challenge Mode Phoenix
    Azure Drake
    Drake of the South Wind
    Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
    any Hippogryph

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    Bronze drake is number 1 mount... for the rarity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ornias View Post
    If you do the Molten Front dailies, you will find out that Fire Hawks are actually dragons and not birds.
    and they use the obnoxious proto-drake skeleton

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    pureblood firehawk the best there is

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Nothing will ever replace my Invincible and I get to be like HAHAHAHA IN YO FACE when a random person is like LOLOL you bought it from BMAH then BAM Slap the achievement in their face to make me feel good anyway that's not the point

    1) Invincible
    2) Firehawk
    3) Blue bug mount
    4) Rated BG PVP Wolf
    5) Azure Drake

    My top 5 :O
    I like your first two, but my next three would be:

    3) Fiery Warhorse
    4) Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher
    5) Rivendare's Deathcharger

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    Elegon mount looks awesome imo.

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    X-53 Touring Rocket for practical reasons, its an air and a land mount, its a 2 seater and its small framed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibeckman671 View Post
    TLPD! You'll never find it...
    haha, I got 2 before mount merges without ever searching for one, they attacked me while harvesting some herbs..

    anyways, OT:

    Heavily depends on the class / race, I love when it fits. But in general,

    for flying mounts it would be:
    1) Mimirons head (nothing will ever beat it, too bad I dont have it)
    2) Elegon serpent (we need more white/light mounts anyway, and NOT only from annual pass and blizzstore)
    3) Winged Guardian

    and my ground mount top 3 are:
    1) Horde RBG wolf
    2) Forsaken warhorse (it's the one from the argent tournament for 100 sigils)
    3) Raven Lord
    I have forgotten more than you will ever know..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Fire Hawk=Best mount imo.

    Wanna know why?

    It has the same skeleton as proto drakes nah.
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    #1 is and will always be Ashes of Al'ar. You can't not notice someone riding that mount and it's beautiful by all standards, not to mention the lore.
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    Wohoo, a mount thread! ;D

    Well here it goes: My favorit flyer would be Pureblood Firehawk, AND I would have had it if it wasn't for a ninja, who desided to take it AFTER we linked activity, rolled and I won it.... the loot rules was stated, gone trough with all untill the point where he was going to hand it out. This is where he went silent for 2 mins, then "Sorry, you would have done the same", took it and HSed out.

    And gues what blizz said.... "Thanks for reporting this issue, we will look into it and bla bla yada yada" something about they removing the mount from him BUT they "couldn't" give it to me. WHY NOT?! The damn loot rules was stated and we linked activity AND I won!!!
    (PS: this was in normal, so a sick lucky 2-3% dropp scenario)
    If i has to chose from one of the mounts i own however... hmm... I'm not really sure tbh. Phoenix got annoying after a while because of the trail and the fact i use my mouse to turn etc. = said trail always is pointed right in the camera

    For ground it would be a tie between Spectral and the black (looks purple) bug mount from AQ opening. I actually have the spectral and got it from the Landro's Gift card that everyone got with the collectors edition of cata.... A small heartattack was gained that day when I opened the box and saw the purple letters in the chat, as the loot window disapeared faster than i could actually see what was inside.

    But i have to agree that the Amber Scorpion looks really good aswell

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    It was the Spectral Tiger until the duping exploit, now everyone has it. Same with all TCG mounts, such a shame really. I'm currently using the Feldrake, thank god it's not been duped... yet.

    Personally I love the Firebird thing from Alysrazor, when I stop being lazy I'll start solo farming for it, I think it's awesome. But my ultimate mount would be the one from Galleon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    Looks wise i would say the pureblood fire hawk everytime i use that mount i get /jealous by people and it makes my day plus it looks spectacular
    You think players are jealous of that mount? O.o I'm sick of seeing it on my server it's so common. Got mine for 50k plus a full heroic run, was way too easy to obtain.
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    Decided to give a bit of a list of my own personal favourites rather than just the one, because I have 175 mounts and I find it unfair to just choose one, when there are so many!

    1. Ashes of Al'ar (Have wanted this for years, when it first came out, and when i finally got one of my own, it was the best day ever
    2.Twilight Drake (Love the colour of this mount, not a fan of the regular drake model, but the colour pops!)
    3.Cenarion War Hippogryph (As a Druid I just love this mount, it screams Druid to me and I love the smaller sized mounts)
    4.Thundering August Cloud Serpent (Just a golden cloud serpent, but the thunder sparks are just that added touch of awesome and pretiness!)

    1.Spectral Tiger (Another mount I had wanted for years, being on a medium pop realm I never thought I'd get a chance to buy one, I did and it's awesome!)
    2.Big Blizzard Bear (Well who doesn't love a Bear with a Murloc waving a flag on it's head! <3)
    3.Green Shado Pan Tiger ( I finally have my very own Cringer/Battle Cat!)
    4. Regal Riding Crane (These mounts are just adorable and pretty)
    5.White War Talbuk (I adore these mounts, Talbuks are for me one of the most underrated mounts ever, so elegant and feel so good to ride!)
    ....I could go on alot here I have many mounts I just adore but the lists getting too long

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    It was the Spectral Tiger until the duping exploit, now everyone has it. Same with all TCG mounts, such a shame really. I'm currently using the Feldrake, thank god it's not been duped... yet.
    Maybe on high pop realms, but on my wee medium pop realm, theres never any TCG mounts on the AH, in over 6 years I think I've saw 2 and that was back when the riding skill was still level 40 and 60! hehe.

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    Contrary to (seemingly) everyone in this thread: I'd love to have a Dragon mount.

    Why? Because we've got a crapload of Drakes as mounts and no Dragons.

    Ultraxion is a Dragon.

    Warmaster Blackhorn's mount is a Drake.


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