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    just killed it, was insanely bad but we somehow 1 shot it mainly due to good healing..... no adds got dpsed (after the 1st 1) so people were eatin pools frm teh start, no1 was pressin no2 or no1 on the add in phase2... then phase3 was just explosion after explosion... 5 healers were all doin between 40-90k was kinda funny

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    1shot it with pug and no problem with loot.

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    Killed it.. with a 25/25 guild run
    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    Both of the final 2 encounters will be tough for a full LFR pug but doable after some chats They can always check my offical encounter page sticky on this to help them, all what they really must know is how to control the construct.
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    After 6 hours and making 2 macros explaining fights, was able to down it in full lfr group. And even through we fail pulled empress with 2 ppl down, still 1 shotted here.

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    1 shotted amber shaper in a pug just now although the tank commented that he'd been wiping on it for an hour and a half :| Also 1 shotted empress right after despite almost nobodt moving out out with the debuff.... there also didn't seem to be any traps in the add phase... just killed them all.

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    so... is the loot bug fixed for sure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karshda View Post
    Two shot Amber Shaper. One shot Empress.
    +1.. and no loot bug either.
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    2 shot amber shaper and 1 shot empress. but we also had like 15 guildies so i cant imagine a full raid of lfr. and we got the loot bug on amber-shaper(couldnt loot tier legs for 3p)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karshda View Post
    Two shot Amber Shaper. One shot Empress.
    This with me too. gotta go back to kill the first boss, & I'm still getting nowt but sigils...
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    [12:07:45] <+Radux> i think Bibi should post a super passive agressive message in there. like "OH NO LOVE FOR BIBI. I SEE HOW IT IS. YOU'RE WELCOME FOR CREATING THE SITE. CARRY ON."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Viggers View Post
    so... is the loot bug fixed for sure?

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    Killed it after a about 8 wipes and probably 20/25 people not being the same as wipe one. I hadn't done it on normal, but just from reading the dungeon journal I was able to know exactly what to do when I got transformed.

    Gave up on last boss when 15+ people died within 30 seconds of the last phase starting on a few attempts in a row. If it wasn't people not running out of the debuff, it was people getting destroyed by the big cone fear thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Not going in it until they fix the ''bug'' in terms of the loot, Thankfully my guildies were kind enough to rage in guild chat to warn me haha

    its been fixed as for the op ive cleared the wing on 2 chars

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    4 Wipes on ambershaper and 4 on empress. Both seem to be ridiculously healing intensive for LFR. Other than that, after explaining everything and wiping couple of times people figured it out. Went there with 3 guildies so it was pretty much a full LFR group.

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    2 shot Amber shaper and one shot Empress in LFR without to many troubles. People were actually "listening" to advices how to deal with certain things during encounters, plus I guess doing it on Wednesday helps a lot, can't imagine this toward the end of reset...

    And yea it was kinda healing intensive P3 on Amber Shaper and P3 on Empress but i guess i was lucky to get into "proper" pug LFR.
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    Wiped several times cause no one dps'ed the Amber Monstrosity. big fat add, really easy to miss... -.-

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    One shot that one and the empress too. First boss in the second half required about 4 wipes because ppl kept breaking the cc. Got to agree with the person mentioning fights being wayyyy too healing intensive for lfr. It is madness, all healers are generally oom less than a minute into the fight.

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    Any one have good short explanations of the fights that we can all make macros out of. I tend to make mine to long and people ignore them. The more fool proof the better.

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    Had a total of 20 wipes between my pala and my lock. Spammed /rw during the fight to tell people who they should DPS. At least they heard me and followed it. 1 shot Empress on both chars

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