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    Yes I killed with about 7 people from my guild. It probably would have been impossible with full LFR. No one seems capable of interupting their own amber explosion so the last phase when there are multiple constructs out will be pretty hard.

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    Haven't downed amber shaper yet. P2 and P3 are a nightmare, amber explosions going off, constructs not getting interrupted, P3 with a bunch of constructs up is a shit show. People are killing the constructs instead of the boss, it's just a mess

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    Just killed it, wasn't too hard.

    Kill order:
    Amber Construct(raiders who are attack-able) > Monstrosity > Boss. Whilst AoE/cleaving Oozes.

    If you are the Amber Construct:-
    • Amber Strike (1) on CD hitting the boss or Monstrosity
    • Struggle for Control (2) to stun yourself when it tries to cast Amber Explosion.
    • Consume Amber (3) to heal yourself and generate Will Power - Though not entirely sure how this should be used properly.
    • Break Free (4) to get out once you're below 20%, in LFR you automatically get out a 10%.

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    I just spent 5 minutes to explain. We killed him in 3 pulls.

    Then explained 5min Empress and we two-shotted her.

    Just don't expect people to know every boss the first week of release ... Taking 5min to explain is better than wiping 30min and having a raid disbanded

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    15:00 Twoshot
    17:00 until now with Twink ---> wipes wipes wipes

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    Wiped like 10+ times on this, mainly because most dps just tunnelvisioned boss. Once couple of us were able to cinvince dps to nuke the constructs it went down right away. If you nuke the constructs down fast enough the players who dont have an idea what to do with it aint that big of a problem. In p3 the healing seemed a bit intesive tought.

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    10 wipes later and still not even close to killing him. The main reason is because people don't interrupt their explosions.

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