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    Nik's UI

    Has he released the Profile config or the whole folder dump anywhere?

    I know it is TukUI/ElvUI, I know I could do it myself, but I feel it would be easier if he had uploaded it somewhere.

    Any help would be awesome.

    The UI I am referring to is the one used by the rogue in the tsulong/lei sie MMO-Champion video fights.

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    229 views and no one can help me out?

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    He uploaded his UI here. Sadly the link it's broken.
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    Heya sorry I miss this earlier. You should be able to find a link for it here.

    Offtopic, I can't actually edit or update that page as when Curse moved livestream contracts to twitch decided to lock the account.

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    Well today is a good day. Thank you Nik.
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