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    Unsub Story

    Not sure why, but sometimes I like reading the threads about people quitting World of Warcraft. Now that I'm unsubbing, the least I can do is give back to the community, in General Off-Topic of course.

    I started Mists when it launched, with 25 dailies ready to hand in before I started levelling. Had a few days off, so I could level up my main quickly. Started the new dailies right away: anglers, klaxxi, tillers, cooking, archaelogy, golden lotus and later on celestials & shadopan. Didn't do cloud serpent ones, I have mounts enough. For every faction, I stopped doing dailies at revered - No need to do them if I only get another mount or tabard, right?

    I lost interest in raiding after the first tier of Cataclysm - after all, all I need are the achievements, could easily do them later; the plan was to focus on PvP: I wanted to get geared as soon as possible for my rated battleground team; back then I hadn't realized yet that the PvP-power on the blue honor-gear was so much better than the higher Agility or Crit (hunter).

    I tried to get my conquest cap from the first week it was possible, but failed, underestimating the amount of random battlegrounds I had to do to reach it. Murphy's law gave me a losing-spree and I only got halfway the cap. From then on I reached my cap every week, until my rated battleground team changed servers. I have real life friends on mine and I'm not too eager to pay for a serverchange, so I was pretty much screwed. I had 800 rating at the time, so I had to start doing arena again to be able to get conquest capped. Did some with people from /2, ups and downs.

    Now the last couple of days I feel as if I don't have any endgame anymore. I'm on a low-population serverside, so I can't find a new rated battleground team. No interest in raiding and starting to truly hate random battlegrounds since I've played coordinated. That's why I'm unsubbing.

    But patiently waiting for Project Titan and the wow-movie!

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    I quit long ago when the DK stopped being interesting (Cata) and didn't like the new grind, and at the same time, I could use the extra time in my life. Still check MMO-C almost daily up to this day and looking forward to Titan and the movie.


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    I'm sorry, but "I Quit" threads aren't allowed here.

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