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    Wind Lord Mel'jarak normal - Suggestions needed

    Hello everyone.

    Today we went on Wind Lord Mel'jarak after a Garalon kill last night, which was uncomfortably close to enrage (1 second to be exact). We managed to get 13 tries in on Wind Lord today and it seems that our DPS is lacking, as we managed to get him to phase 2 a couple of times and down to 8% once before hitting the enrage.

    Our tactic is to CC 2 menders, 1 blademaster and 1 trapper, our DK tanks all the adds and I (druid) tank the boss on top of the adds.

    Tonights logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/idwmhj8ptno5zmub/

    Our hunter was beastmastery at first, but specced to survival later on in the raid.

    I'd like some suggestions I can take back to the guys, so we can hopefully get this boss down and move on.

    Let me know if there is any other information you need.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Solo tank it and move one CC from the menders to the amber-shapers. Menders are not really a problem if you just assign 1 (maybe 2, as backup... but 1 is usally enough for us) person to interrupt the mendings.

    The added Tank-DPS (solo tanking grants vengeance through the roof) plus less movement (due to only having one Amber-Shaper) plus 1 more DPS should easily do the trick.

    Edit: Also, tell your shaman to watch the quickening stacks on the boss and the blademasters if you leave 2 menders up or their Kor'thik Strike might get problematic.
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    You should be 1 tanking this encounter. Having a DK with purgatory is really good, as the spike damage can be a bit riddicolous sometimes.

    Whichever mobs you cc is up to you, as every guild does it differently, if people aren't superbad you can have 2 menders up though, and have a one person on interupting duty on each of the add. (tank can dispell the boss with the frost dot glyph)

    We cc'ed two Trappers first, nuked healers then re-cc'ed one of each. But like i said, the cc rotation is up to you, seen guilds do it in 10 different ways.

    You seem to be able to stay alive through the Blade attack, which usually is the most challenging part.


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    Thanks both of you. We probably should solo tank it. It would definitely have been a kill if I had been dps on the 8% attempt.

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    Drop a healer, and definitely not the priest. Tell the priest to use SS more, there is no reason not to use it on every Rain of Blades. It's almost impossible to die on this encounter with a good disc priest.
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    What we did was only do CC on 3 mobs, one of each. we had troubles with killing them all at the same time when we CC'ed 2 of a kind and then only 1 CC on another kind of adds. It felt a lot smoother and we basically kill all the adds within a short time frame. Save hero for after 75% and the rain of blades+having 5min Cd's up again, Just call out on vent if any one dont have Cd's ready.
    We used 2 tanks (25man).

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    just cc 2 trappers - interrupt menders and aoe the rest down, have to people assigned to cc'ing with spears and while aoe'ing make sure all adds die at around same time.

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    My friend writes guides for these fights. You can read about this boss at http://pardeuxraids.com/wind-lord-meljarak.html. Also he posts videos with voice over strategies (tankspot style). I find them extremely helpful

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    Definitely one tank it, your solo tank will do crazy damage because of vengeance and an extra DPS will increase overall raid damage even more.

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    Hello everyone. Thanks for the suggestions. Now I have something to take back to the guys so we can defeat this mean son of a bug )

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