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    Some of you are using the term "cooldown" in new and exciting ways. Shadowfiend is a cooldown now? By the same logic, so is Mindlblast. Half the spells in the arsenal are just cloaked "cooldowns." VT and SWP are just another mechanic that does the same thing. Cast X every Y seconds, instead of you can cast X only every Y seconds. He's talking about a buff that increasing all damage by a certain amount for a short period of time (such as Power Infusion, which sucks ass unless the encounter has some damage buff gimmick). Remember, Power Infusion was designed when Haste worked in a completely different manner. It's not the DPS boost it was in the past. Let's try not to complicate things with goofball definitions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiftyonred View Post
    I must say, you are very, very sensitive, and so is the mod that infracted the guy for calling him a fluffy bunny.

    Don't be so insecure man.

    He called him a fluffy bunny, which was funny, not rude or a direct insult.

    If you go through life being offended that easily, you will have a very hard time when you get older, trust me on this one.
    And the same really goes for the mod that infracted him. You are sending a bad message infracting people for stuff like this.

    Please consider your actions and the message you send, in addition to the social responsibility you have here.
    When you infract people for something like this, you are sending a message that it is ok to be very offended by something like this, which in real life....just won't fly.

    Please take your social responsibility seriously.
    Just as a general fyi, if you see the term "fluffy bunny" and there are people getting upset about an insult, you should look at the bottom of the post to see the edit message because the insult has probably been edited out by a mod

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