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    what is the point of innkeepers excluding major cities?

    Honestly, does anyone actually use them other than mages? Because if you set it to the place you're questing you can't get back to the main city of the expansion as easily. why would anyone do it?

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    I use it while leveling, before pandaria. If I ever need to get to a city, I have FPs.

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    You very rarely need to go to back to the main city while leveling. Hearthstones are essential to speedy leveling.

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    They can be useful sometimes.
    Do they somehow get in your way of enjoying the game? Probably not.

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    There are times when I am questing on a gatherer and just want to go mine/herb instead of questing. I set my hearth where I am questing so that I can easily get back to that spot once I am done gathering. Although you may think they are useless, a lot of players use them for different reasons.

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    Binding your stone in your current question area makes more sense since you don't have to go to your class trainers anymore.

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    They are very useful at speeding up the leveling process especially when a quest has you run pretty dam far just to complete it.

    other than that some people might just prefer to hearth to a different spot than a major city, and not to mention as has been said before there is always flight paths and flying mounts that can get you anywhere in a couple of minutes.

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    So that i can gain rested xp without having to go back to a city to log off, and having to fly back when i log back on to continue leveling.

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    The questing style was kinda different back in the old world

    you didnt really have much of a reason to go back to major citys when you was leveling up so you would set your hearth to a questing hub so when you completed the quests you could easily get there without having to run back cause you didnt get mounts till level 40 and epic mounts till 60 plus the FPs had to be discovered for you to use them

    IMO innkeepers do seem to be quite useless these days but i see no reason to get rid of them

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