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    Best In Spec Racial for Priests.

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    Yesterday I understood, while killing Elegon with my priest(my big possession, I've got three of them), that however I was trying to increase the value of the Troll for Shadow DoTs and procs(FDLC, Divine Insight), Troll racial buffs only 2 sets of DoTs(@ the beginning & the end) and I usually keep it to be used when I have 2 orbs and 3rd will come in 2-4 seconds. This burst also may be useful for Atonement Priests,or maybe for Holy priests(but I'm not sure which haste cap I need to obtain to get some more ticks on Sanctum or Renew or something else and is it really worth it). By all means, I love my troll, but I would like to discuss the difference between races with you.
    For the time I was reading Veiled and Yvaelle, there was no certain info about Undead Racial, about weight of the Pandaren food racial when it was suggesting OP at the beginning of the content(because @ the beginning without lots of gear which may be gemmed, obtaining some primary stats from food was actually amazing!), and about haste breakpoints, who may be better-Goblins or Trolls?
    Also struggling about healers. For the alliance, humans or worgens now, or even gnomes? For the horde, nerfed blood elves(down to 2% mana regen from 6%), trolls or goblins?
    For the shadow priests-Worgens or some races with expertise from weaponz? Or Trolls vs Goblins vs Undeads @ Horde? And what Pandarens' effectiveness in total?

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    Not sure what you question is.

    But you might be interested in this and this.

    According to twintop's blog (scroll down after the BiS list), for SP: Pandaren > Human using mace AND spirit gear > worgen for Alliance and Pandaren > Troll > Goblin for Horde.

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    Actually a month or so ago I did update that info:


    It's at the very bottom of the guide though
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