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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    Sometimes, during Attunation, I like to see my screen. But our pally says "lol no."
    My condolences. If it makes you feel better I dont see the screen during LOD+DMF trinket either

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivellana View Post
    LOL! Man, I hope they fix that soon. That's just insane, Daetur.

    I noticed today the trinket proc does the same thing with monk's spinning crane kick...just looks like a big white circle appears for the duration. At least it's not half as irritating as having light of dawn flash up in your face and blind you though.
    Most importantly, it doesn't turn your screen white. Your entire screen.

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    Is it bad that I can't even afford to get the trinket for my main but I've been considering farming it on my paladin alt who isn't even 90 yet? *evil grin*

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    Where's our paladin? Where is - OH! there he is . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Does this mean that all paladins are now ghostbuster traps? They suck ghosts into themselves?

    How do they get the ghosts out of them into the ecto containment unit? What do they insert?
    Paladins DO have lots of ways to deal with the undead, it could be true!

    As to what they have to insert...well...ya know what they say, if ya have to ask...>_>
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    It really sucks that I can't use Light of Dawn during AoE damage because of my DMC trinket lol. Sometimes I use it during attenuation and immediately think "Oh, F**k! oops, sorry!".

    I find it really annoying though during the Blade Lord Ta'yak encounter because when you get dropped off the tornadoes at the start of P2 you can't even use your AoE heal otherwise people can't see the incoming tornadoes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    Sometimes, during Attunation, I like to see my screen. But our pally says "lol no."
    Try being a monk and get a proc of DMC trinket in middle of a spinning crane kick in attunation.. believe me your raiders will love you.
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    Ai-Li's Skymirror can produce similar effects for a 10 minute period I believe. It turns your character into the colour model as it does during a DMC Proc.

    Personally doesn't bother me, but I heard alot of complaints about it ;p
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