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    Yet another normal Garalon help thread.

    Here was our comp:

    Disc Priest (Can go Shadow/Holy) <- Me
    Holy Paladin (Can go Ret)
    Resto Druid

    Enhance Shaman
    Affliction Lock
    Affliction Lock (Will either be a Spriest or Windwalker Monk tomorrow)
    Windwalker Monk
    Fire Mage

    Blood DK (Can Go Unholy/Frost)
    Prot Warrior (Can go Fury, but mediocre gear)

    We have a combat rogue who's obviously useful on this fight but he won't be able to raid this week.

    Our best attempt was enrage at ~14%. Our attempts were consistently on pace to enrage at 13-18%. Ranged were multi-dotting everything while melee were focusing down legs, which died quick. I was smite spamming as well.

    Who's best suited to soak pheromones/kite? What rotation should be use? Should I (the priest) go DPS? Would it be worth it to have the DK go DPS as well?

    The damage seemed pretty steep to 2 heal. We used a 4 person rotation and had stacks going up to 20. We'd probably be better off 2 healing and using a 5 person rotation, but we'd be forced to use 5 dps, is that worth it?

    Fairly certain we were using the wrong strat to kite. We had the tanks and 2 healers rotate pheromones since we were behind on DPS and didn't want to sacrifice DPS by having one kite.

    Just for context we are 6/6 and 2/6 with no boss before Garalon taking more than 10-12 attempts to down, we raid 6 hours a week, and our average iLvL is probably 478-482. The only significant raid buff we are missing is spell haste.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/tips!
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    Since you say that your prot warrior doesn't have decent gear for dpsing, you should probably leave him as a proper tank (but you can try it out of course and see what works well for you). We did the same with our paladin but for a different reason (he was just taking way too much dmg as ret). Your dk can go dps (ours went frost).

    We had the dk take the first pheromones while our mage pulled the boss from range.

    Then the paladin took over the pheromones at about 20 stacks. Then our resto druid, then me (resto shaman). Our third healer (monk) never took pheromones and had to watch out for people especially when the druid and I made a switch.

    When necessary, the druid or I even helped with taking the furious swipe. You can survive it easily even as a healer, and it helps to keep Garalon's speed stacks low.

    Multi-dotting isn't all that useful. You only do increased damage to the leg in whose circle you're standing, so you're better off focusing a leg down and dotting the body when you're not standing at a leg. It's a little less movement-intense for your ranged that way. We have a ranged-heavy setup, and our ranged always have to run to the legs to kill them which kind of sucks, but we've managed well.

    For us, the kill came as soon as we had selected no dps for kiting anymore and had one tank go dps. That was just the bit of dps that we had been missing.

    Oh and our dps were shadow priest, moonkin, mage, warlock. Our 5th dps varied from day to day. I think on our first kill we had a hunter. I think we brought our feral on the second kill.

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    I have a few advices i can give you. First of all if you have problems with enrage, as did we the first week because of no rogue and so on, I suggest you go 2-3 healers to rotate pheromones + 1 tank or 1 dps whatever u feel more comfortable with. I will link you my movie from holy priest POV (tho i think disci might be better, as you are, but not sure cause i did not try it out yet).

    We used me 1st/blood dk 2nd - he tried to be in cleave range for most of the time so the boss doesnt get enrage stacks/resto sham 3rd/spriest 4th - because our resto druid refused to do it. (good kiters are firemages since they can cast while moving if you have to put a dps onto it)

    Also we had the prot warrior switch do dps spec and get cleaves in dps gear, he was fairly close to dying all the time so i kind of don't suggest you do that, unless you can keep an eye out for him.

    To sum up, i think you should use 1 tank 3 healers rotation or 3 healers 1 dps - so the tank doesn't miss cleaves.


    PS: He bugged out our first kill, he died in same moment as enrage and he killed us all, despawning after, we killed it again later and we got different loot.

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    Do not hit a leg if you do not have +100% dmg buff, multidotting is very counter-productive on this fight - this will lower your raid dps. The only multidotting you should be doing is keeping dots up on the body while dpsing the closest leg to you, if you have the buff.

    We were fairly melee heavy in our comp but two good melee dps can easily keep on top of the legs so have your shammy and monk stay on the legs and let the ranged focus on the boss, you should see a huge increase in raid dps.

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    Thanks for the help guys. Will let you know how it goes tonight.

    Any more tips would be appreciated, as well!

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    So we're using the Shadow Priest today, means will have our 5% haste buff.

    From the tips, these are the changes I'm looking to make:

    - DK going to go DPS (Unholy). Will soak cleaves and stay DPSing the boss. Will feed Unholy Frenzy to Enhance Shaman (Consistent top 100 parser).
    - Having Enhance Shaman and Monk stay on Legs. Ranged will stay on boss full time, might dot passing legs if they have the buff. This will reduce movement required for the ranged, I'm pretty sure they kept moving to try and keep the leg DPS buff.
    - Going to use Tank and 3 heals OR Tank, 2 heals, and Fire Mage to handle kiting.
    - Have Druid use HoTW a couple times for that extra few million damage.

    I'm hoping these changes, 5% haste, and the few upgrades we got from Normal MSV will give us that extra 15% we need.

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    Let us know how it goes

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    Sorry for the late update, but we killed it the night I posted this thread. Were able to squeeze out another 15% thanks to a lot of the tips in this thread, thanks to all who posted.

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    You need to 2 heal it on 10 man... Disc Priests are Crazy good for this fight.. Use 4 people including both tanks to do the pheromone.. Thats what we had to do week 1 to kill it and we didnt have a rogue or a warrior so its doable..

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